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When I acquire any used guitar, I check it over, set it up, play it and then evaluate it, as per below, for my web site – It is always a case of do I commence with the age, condition, tonal character, playing performance, product history, or even the odd rant or rave – Yet this Limited Edition, Gibson 50th Anniversary 59 Les Paul Standard, with the gold book certificate, from 2009, is making it very awkward for me, in many ways, as it has so many attributes going for it and I certainly don’t want to turn my evaluation into a War and Peace novel – Gibson have made so many variations of the 1959 LP Reissue over the years, each with a claim to be the best and most accurate yet ever – So does that mean we should all wait another 5 or 10 years to buy the  next best ever new variation, or do we treat each model for what it is, hence pick it up, play it and accept a good one is a good ‘un and a bad one is a bad ‘un then buy accordingly – I dare say that both the colour and the character of the figured maple top will instantly tempt or deter many potential buyers, as will the condition – So for now I’m going to run with a number of bullet points and attributes in no particular order regarding this 59 LP

So how do all the above details and features equate in to the all important playing performance :- The one piece 1/4 sawn mahogany neck has that un-mistakenly full flavour to it, but with the shoulders slimmed down a touch, so it feels comfortable and somewhat easy to handle – To me it is not just a case of how big or slim the neck is, it is the balance and set-up of the playing action and it is this factor that will help to determine if it is more comfortable and easy to handle, or unforgiving and somewhat of a handful – Thanks to 22 vintage jumbo frets, plus a well adjusted set-up, along with a new set of 10’s, then there are no problems to be encountered when playing this LP – Dig in for slow moody blues licks, or rip into a few Moore/Bonamassa speed licks and this LP is user friendly – Undoubtedly the chunky necks aids the tone and sustain, so when you get those grains of mahogany in the neck vibrating, it will transform in to a tone and sustain monster – It only takes  a few minutes of playing this LP to realise what the great attributes of  ’59’ are all about – They don’t suit everyone, but if you can handle them the rewards are there for you to exploit

Tonal character :- Do you start of with a cleaner amp setting, that is on the edge of overdrive, for that Pete Green character, or add more overdrive for that sultry Kossoff character, or add even more gain to take you in the direction of the Moore/Bonamassa house hold ? – These tend to be reference points that many of us judge LP’s by, or certainly the tonal characteristics we strive for when playing a ’59’ LP – The pots are fully interactive, so leaving them on 10  will seriously limit the guitars potential, as subtle yet effective variations on the pots are at the heart of this guitars tonal character  – Use these correctly and you can almost leave the amp alone, allowing you to control the emotion, soul and gain levels from the guitar itself, so maybe just utilise an additional gain switch or pedal when you require that ‘turbo’ boost – On hi gain amp settings, pinched harmonics are easy to find, whilst scorching lead licks possess bite and edge yet retain a musical vintage character, whilst a softer voice can be found just by rolling off the volume pot a touch  – From succulent warmth and soul, to a throaty musical bite this LP is packed with expression – The neck pick-up is sultry, whilst the bridge pick up has that throaty bite and bark, with focused lows and smooth highs that sizzle, whilst possessing just enough mids to thicken up the overall voice – At all times you’ll find and LP with a big open voice, mids that do not overpower, yet still thicken up the overall character, excellent articulation and above all, warmth and soul – Further more it blossom and blooms when you play those moody blues licks – It is hard not to judge a 59 LP by playing a few Kossoff, Green or Moore style licks and when you do, you instantly know you are somewhat in the right direction – Yet try a few Robben Ford style licks and chords and it is equally jazz/blues flavoured with clarity, warmth and excellent note separation – It certainly captures all the key attributes that 59 LP fans desire and should offer years of satisfaction to any potential buyer

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