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Does this PRS Singlecut SC250 Artist Pack wet your appetite ?  – Its aesthetic qualities alone are certainly enticing, yet the plus point of any PRS Guitar is the attention to detail, the build quality and the playing experience – So let me update you with a host of details :-

Tone is provided by a pair of PRS 59/09 humbuckers, controlled in the traditional way via a 3 way toggle switch along with a volume and tone pot for each pick-up – The neck pick-up possesses excellent articulation, whilst it still retains its velvet smooth vintage based qualities, so ideal when you wish to drop into the more sultry classic rock blues styles of Moore and Bonamassa – As such the SC250 is not just a modern rock beast – Maybe you weren’t expecting the SC250 to be capable of  performing in a chilled out jazz/blues environment, but that neck pick-up can purrrrr with the best of them  – The bridge pickup, on a guitar like this, will probably end up doing the lions share of the hard work in a modern rock combo – Maybe it is a fine line between a brutal shin kicker and a controlled party animal that has been held back on a leash – The tone from the bridge pick-up is big, with full tight lows, plus clear highs with just enough punch in the mid range region to add some beef – Coupled with excellent articulation, the string separation is clearly noticeable on chords and arpeggios, even when you wish to add shed loads of overdrive on your amp

Try a few drop tunings and thanks to the tighter 25″ scale length, the guitar still delivers the goods perfectly, with no hint of sloppiness on the thicker strings – From bone crunching riffs to scorching lead work the SC250 is an ideal guitar for the modern rock based guitarist – However with the variation of tone on modern amps, coupled with big variations on gain levels etc, the SC250 can deliver more traditional vintage tones if required, so do not think of it as a one trick pony for the modern guitar player – Both volume pots have a smooth taper that allows you to set up the amp with some overdrive, then adjust the guitars volume pots for a full on approach, or a softer more chilled out option, with less gain, yet still preserve the guitars full expressive qualities – As such you and the guitar are in total control of all the emotion, soul and expression that it can deliver

The guitar has been re-strung with 10’s and set-up with a very fluid playing action throughout the length of the 22 fret fingerboard – The mahogany neck has the pattern thin profile, which  instantly feels  comfortable in the palm of your hand, yet still with enough girth to give substance and aide tone and stability, but not to the extent that it will impede your playing- With a chunky set of frets, that are correctly profiled and polished to perfection, then string bending is effortless, even with a set of 10’s, whilst a slick action is part and parcel of any PRS Guitar – The playing experience of such a PRS Guitar is a pleasure to behold

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