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Arguably the most iconic electric guitars, certainly from the big two companies are, in no particular order, a Strat, a Tele, a 335, a Les Paul and the SG – For around 60 years now the SG, in one format or another has been ever present in the Gibson catalogue – There probably is not one stage on planet earth, that at sometime or another has not heard the tones of an SG – For some players, like Angus, it is almost the only guitar you need – For others it is a guitar that has been part of their career and/or part of a collection and sometime or another – Early vintage examples from the 60’s can now cost a pretty penny – Couple this with fears of originality and/or gigging it, the issue of replacing worn out parts etc, means a strong market for the fine array of replicas, that are available today – So time for me to supply you with a host of info regarding this Gibson Custom Historic 61 SG Standard, with a classic VOS faded cherry finish – A used example from 2018 that has barely been played – Apologies for the pics as they tend to look more faded with a ‘brown mahogany’ vibe about it – But in the flesh you can clearly see it is a classic faded cherry finish

Product info for 61 SG Standard – Faded cherry VOS finish :-

Tonal character :- Sometimes not even sure what I can add to what you’ve not heard below on countless recordings – However the big test for me is the level of control, soul, emotion and expression I can find within the guitar and the pots – Even on hi-gain amp settings, you can clearly find subtle yet effective variations that allow you to leave the amp alone, then dial in gain or rolled off to more chilled, as required – With a hi-gain amp setting 10 =’s more gain and sounding like it is on the edge of full throttle – 6=’s more chilled, softer and more in control  – The same approach will work on a classic blues/rock overdriven amp setting and allow you to morph from gain, to clean – Many SG’s may well spend a large part of their life hooked up to the gain channel on the amp – Let play this SG through a clean amp setting, or indeed the merest hint of gain, to add character, and you instantly become aware of a rich tone that is not bland – The neck pick-up is velvet smooth with clarity that sparkles – Almost a vocal/flute character that sounds lush on melodic licks – The Bridge pick-up has almost a vintage Tele bite with a full throttle body about it – It can snarl, yet always tight and controlled – Both pick-ups on together and play around with different blend levels on the volume pots for some very useful combinations

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