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Chet Atkins is of course the father figure of Gretsch Guitars – Yet the arrival of The Beatles and a new voice of pop music, launched a new demand for Gretsch Guitars – Look at the old videos of The Animals, The Monkees, Gerry and The Pacemakers and many more bands from the 1960’s, then chances are you’ll see and hear a Gretsch in action – Indie and Brit Pop bands later introduced new players to a Gretsch Guitar, whilst Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer have always ensured that Rock ‘a’ Billy fans will always fancy checking out a Gretsch – There are is no shortage of original vintage models for sale today, in various condition and playability, with various price tags – Fortunately the Gretsch name stills exists today, via a special relationship between the Gretsch family and the Fender Guitar Company – As such vintage replica and tweaked vintage models known as ‘players edition’ models fill the catalogue – With all this in mind it is time for me to introduce you to a used Gretsch G6119T Players Edition Tennessee Rose, with a dark cherry stain finish – An exceptional clean and used example from 2017 – Complete with the appropriate deluxe case, certificate and a host of paperwork – One owner since new and barely played and just about spotless, so hunt long and hard to find any hint of a graze or blemish

Host of additional info regarding a used Gretsch G6119T Tennesse Rose :-  Whole guitar weighs only 7lbs and 5oz   Re-strung + set-up with 10-52 gauge strings – Many may well favour a 10-46 gauge string, but I feel with a lowish action, a 10-56 gauge provides less of a sloppy low E to cause any rattle issues – I believe the factory set-up on a G6119T is with 11-49 gauge strings – Of course I can set-up and adjust as required  Laminate maple body with a deep cherry stain gloss finish   Maple neck with a deep cherry stain finish and a U shaped profile that has a comfortable amount of depth to it  Rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium/jumbo frets and a 12″ fingerboard radius – Note the  Pearloid Neo- Classical Thumbnail inlays  High Sensitive Filter Tron humbucking pick-ups  3 way selector switch  Master volume pot + volume neck + bridge + master tone pots  Bigsby B6CP vibrato with ‘string thru’ loading  Gotoh locking tuners Silver Plexi pick guard with the usual Gretsch logo  G arrow control knobs  Rocking bar bridge on a rosewood base – Note this is now pinned, so as to always remain in the same place as and when you change strings

Click here to view further details of the G6119T on the Gretsch web site and note a video clip of it in action

Pete Townshend, Malcolm Young and Joe Strummer have all played a Gretsch in a more rock based environment, but for many it is more about playing a Gretsch Guitar in a pop, country or rock n roll environment – As such many will favour a clean amp setting or a far more subtle overdriven amp setting – Either way the tone is very transparent and full with the ability to me more chilled on the neck pick-up setting – Or indeed more bite and cutting on the bridge pick-up – In many ways there is a Gretsch sound, but it is not a one trick pony – For some guitar players a G6119T might be the only guitar you’ll play – For others, then such a guitar can’t fail to add something different to a collection – I’ve played enough vintage based Tennessean models over the years, that might possess some mojo and character, but tend to be ‘not user friendly’ regarding how the feel/play – A Players Edition is far more slick and easy to handle, not just for chord work, but equally for slick licks ‘n’ tricks

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