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Maybe time for me to play my ‘get out of jail free’ card – I normally spend some time evaluating any guitar that I list for sale on my web site – Yet after a short visit to Google, to acquire some additional spec/info, I came across a very good review, courtesy of Mick Taylor, former editor of Guitarist, so please click here to read – The review is dated 2010, which is when this upgraded model was released  – So please check out my exceptionally clean, but used, Fender AM Deluxe Strat from 2012 with a lush tobacco sunburst finish on an ash body – Fender have tweaked the features and spec of the AM Strat Deluxe over the years, but I know that the Strat I have listed here for sale and the reviewed Strat are effectively one and the same regarding most of the details

1) This Strat weighs a very credible 8lbs and 2oz – with a vibrant unplugged acoustic voice

2) Condition wise and this is a very  clean guitar – One very careful previous owner – Any hint of a graze is almost miniscule – Certainly not a hint of anything  of any consequence, so look carefully at the top surface of that shiny gloss finish to find a hint of a blemish – If it ain’t worth a 10 out of 10 mark it is easily worth 9 out of 10

3) It has made a visit to my work bench for a new set of 10’s, plus a check-up/set-up, so a sensible fluid playing action awaits any prospective buyer

4)  Complete with the original moulded Fender case, various tags/paperwork and strap lock buttons

5) The neck measures .836″ around the top nut end and gently tapers out to .879″ around the 12th fret , so medium depth overall

6) Final comments are an overview – The Strat Deluxe is a serious upgrade on the best selling AM Strat Standard – certainly with regards to the playing performance, so it feels slick and easy to play – Without spending considerably more, the Strat Deluxe is one of the finest USA modern spec’d production models you can buy, before you enter the world of Custom Shop models – Many of the features on the Strat Deluxe can be found on Jeff Beck’s personal guitar so it can’t be bad

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