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If PRS ever decided to build a Custom 22 with a lightly aged finish then maybe this is what it would look like – We have to remember that the main reason we fit a set of strings to a guitar is so that we can play them – The previous owners of this 2001 PRS Custom 22 have certainly made sure this guitar has done its fair share of work, over the last 20 years or so – I guess it is now one for the players, maybe as a potential hot rod project, maybe a back-up for gigging, or simply as a working class model, so they don’t get their more expensive ‘pretty boy’ model scarred – Don’t get me wrong, in that the finish looks abused, or indeed the guitar is worn out, as this is not the case, it’s just that it is more worn when compared to many other used PRS Guitars – To be fair the bulk of the wear is buckle rash on the rear of the body – Fender would sell it as a new guitar and call it  a relic finish – The controls, switches and tuners etc all function correctly – At worse, a couple of frets on the E/B/G strings on the first 2/3/4 frets have just started to show  a hint of wear – But even so it will be many more years before any fret dress work is required, taking into account it has taken 20 years to show up a hint of wear – The nickel hardware shows signs of tarnish, but that is par for the course anyway  – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10’s, so from a playing performance point of view, there are no issues whatsoever – At 7lbs and 13oz it should please many prospective buyers – It includes a deluxe PRS case with the stitched leather ends – No tags, but all relevant details from the tag can be found in the pick-up cavity, on the modcat code label, so no issues

Some additional PRS Custom 22 info :-  A one piece select mahogany body, is par for the course on the original USA Custom 22’s – This is in turn topped of with a very pleasant figured maple top with a translucent black cherry finish, that still allows you to view the natural maple edged body binding – A PRS trademark – The figured maple top might not be tagged as a ’10’ top, yet it possesses plenty of character  – Whilst the build quality and tonal variation of a PRS is straight from the top draw, to me the magic of a PRS is the neck – They are so easy to play with a fluid playing action that responds to a light touch, coupled with effortless string bending – It now  makes a set of 9’s redundant, as 10’s  feel so slinky,  with a well balanced action along all 22 frets, as such this PRS is a very easy guitar to handle – One piece mahogany neck with a wide/thin profile and an Indian rosewood fingerboard that is dark and smooth – The neck possesses just enough girth to stop it feeling to skinny – As it happens the difference between a wide/fat and wide/thin profile is around 1/16″ of extra depth – So Wow A Big deal – The wide/thin profile measures .837″ around the top nut end and gently fattens out to .881″ at the 12th fret – Such is the accuracy of the fret work, that chords still sound in tune as you move further up the fingerboard – With a well cut top nut, along with a set of PRS locking tuners, then you should not have any tuning issues whatsoever – Spec’d with the PRS trem package, that includes a solid brass trem block, plus a set of nickel plated solid brass saddles  – Mounted to 6 knife edge fulcrum points to deliver a smooth, responsive and trouble free tuning package – Note ‘ebony’ tuning buttons which have probably been changed from the original set – Fitted with a pair of Schaller strap locks

Tonal character :- The PRS Dragon 11 humbuckers capture and deliver fat humbucking tones which are Gibson flavoured – Probably more akin to a 335 than an LP, hence an increased level of transparency, coupled with excellent articulation – As such they don’t sound muddy or mushy on hi-gain amp settings, especially when delving into those flash cascading licks or shred chords – When played on a clean amp setting, lush jazz/blues flavoured tones are easily achieved, which ensures a Custom 22 is anything but a one trick pony – The volume and tone pot have an excellent taper on them, so you can fully utilise them across the whole 1-10 range – This again allows you and the guitar to control the amp, to supply you with more expression, soul and passion – On overdriven amp settings you can roll back the volume pot a touch for less gain, even to the point of obtaining a cleaner chilled out voice, that still retains the guitars tonal character and integrity -Note the 5 way rotary selector switch which gives you access to 3 humbucker voices, as well as two ‘single coil’ options for those funky Chic style chops and more flexibility from one instrument  – Whilst the LP, SG and 335 are vintage classics, the Custom 22 is without doubt a modern classic, with vintage attributes

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