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I’m always happy to offer desirable used USA Fender Guitars for sale – So let me present to you a used 2007 Fender Eric Clapton Strat, with a cool pewter gloss finish – One very careful and discerning owner, that has played the instrument sparingly, so I am are talking about an exceptionally clean guitar  – After 2 or 3 tours of the gloss finish I still failed to find anything, of any consequence, in the way of a slight blemish – You’d have to be fussy to have any complaints about the guitars condition, whilst even the merest hint of fret wear on 2 or 3 frets, on 2 or 3 strings, is barely worth a mention   – The vintage spec’d tweed case is included within the package, as is a whole bunch of tags and paper work –  Re-strung with a new set of 10’s and set-up with a nice playing action – Nice weight as well, as it sits at only 8lbs and 2oz on my digital scales

A reminder that as an overview the EC Strat is based on a late 50’s chassis, then upgraded with the Clapton tweaks to enrich the guitar’s playing performance, including a 9.5″ fingerboard radius – This helps to deliver a fluid and slick playing action, with no string choking as you dig into  those big blues bends – The neck  possesses a comfortable and rounded soft V profile, that can be found on all Clapton models, with a silky smooth satin finish on both the neck and fingerboard, to provide you with a touch of that ‘played in’ vibe  – All hardware is vintage based including the ‘blocked’ off tremelo system (this can be adjusted to work like any other Fender trem if required) and of course a set of ‘Kluson’ style tuners

Sitting at the heart of the tone department and you’ll find a trio of Fender  Noiseless singe coil pick-ups, controlled via a 5 way switch, a master volume control, along with a master TBX tone control that functions on all 3 pick-ups – The bottom tone pot brings into play the 25db active mid boost – To a large degree I’m sure you are already aware of what this guitar is capable of achieving, as those sparkling clear Strat tones are ever present when you listen to Eric – With the boost pot fully rolled off, you’ll find all those rich and spanky vintage flavoured Strat tones  – To many it was somewhat of a surprise when Cream reformed for a few gigs, that Clapton stayed with his Signature Strat, instead of returning to an SG or 335 – But that 25db mid boost allowed those sparkling Strat tones to be fattened up, as required, for some serious rock/blues work – The Boost pot functions fine on a clean amp setting, but more useful if used sparingly, so just a tweak required to add some body – On saturated hi-gain amp settings it will once again beef up the mids, but excessive gain produces less effective results from the boost pot – In my opinion the boost pot works far more effectively on overdriven amp settings that are between subtle and classic rock/blues levels, where the guitars character is still audible – It works smoothly and effectively over the 1-10 range, so don’t just use the two outer extreme settings, ie 1 or 10, as in between those two points are a host of subtle yet effective voices that will add so much more emotion and expression to your overall tone, so try the less is more approach  – Many EC fans will be interested in such a Strat for obvious reasons, but for others, ignore the EC signature on the headstock and treat it for what it is, and that is a damn good Strat

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