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We all know that Fender created the Strat – But the new breed of Supa Strat’s, that where born in the 80’s, were as a result of the many custom shop boutique based repair guys, who were undertaking many repairs and mods for our guitar hero’s – The likes of Valley Arts, Tom Anderson and Suhr are responsible for such models, with a figured maple top, no scratch plate, often the HSS pick-up format and a host of lush translucent finishes – Somewhat late to the party, Fender have joined the trend and in many ways ‘copied’ such models – Yet this used Fender AM Deluxe QMT HSS Strat, from 2007, with a lush tobacco sunburst finish, bridges the gap between the hand built boutique models that carry a hefty price tag and the best selling, regular production Strat, that we’ve all known for many years

In no particular order, let me update you with a host of details :- 

Feel/Playability :- The benefit of a modern 2 point fulcrum trem, with an LSR roller nut and locking tuners, is a smooth and responsive trem system that will operate with out any tuning issues, for most playing styles – It feels very positive to operate and is the system the likes of Jeff Beck favour  – The modern C neck profile, along with 22 medium jumbo frets and a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, ensures a slick ‘n’ easy action, that responds to a light touch – You’ll find a well balanced action along the whole length of the fingerboard, so ideal for those into cascading licks ‘n’ party tricks – Yet for traditional pentatonic blues bends, the chunky frets ensure it is easy to bend + control the vibrato, with no choking out – The neck is not skinny compared to the modern Ibanez style ‘waif’ necks, but neither is it chunky – Maybe more akin to what PRS would call a wide/thin profile

Tonal character :- Use the S1 switch for additional tonal variations, or leave well alone – The choice is yours – I find some S1 options are not suitable for me, but I’m a fan of linking both single coil pick-ups in series, to effectively deliver a fat + smooth sounding ‘neck’ humbucker, which is great for chilled out jazz styles – The humbucker is now a popular choice on many ‘modern’ based Strats – It is tight with plenty of drive, plus excellent definition, so ideal for big power chords, yet with enough gain on the amp it will sing and scream, yet still retain a rich musical character – The two single coil pick-ups are funky for those Chic style chops – Overall the Strat is more crisp and clean, without sounding thin or weedy, with more of a ‘clean cut’ character, that is more Steely Dan and less SRV – Great for slick licks as it retains excellent clarity and definition – And obviously for any Strat players who want no back ground hum, then noiseless pick-ups are a godsend, especially with overdriven amp settings – Maybe traditional Strat fans won’t favour such  a guitar – Yet there are many players who don’t favour the old style traditional Strats

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