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I know the full history of this used Fender Dennis Galuszka Masterbuilt 51 Relic Nocaster – Back in 2009 a good customer of mine asked me if I would help him spec a black guard, early 50’s Nocaster, that was to be built by masterbuilder Dennis Galuszka – 2 years later and such a guitar arrived into stock, hence it was sold in 2011 and that is supported by the date on the appropriate certificate – 9 years later and it is still owned by the same customer – He is now retiring and plans to slim down his collection and asked me if I would help him with a commission sale – So yes this Nocaster currently resides in my showroom awaiting to find a new home

Additional info :- Today, a new custom spec’d Masterbuilt model would result in a financial outlay that is well in excess of £7000 and at least a 2 year waiting time, with up to 3 years waiting for some builders – Infact with another price increase now up on us for 2020, Custom Shop Nocaster’s are now approaching the 4K price tag – For a while the Fender Custom Shop would ship the Nocaster models with 2 cases – The vintage Thermometer style case that might look cool, but in reality is not that practical for day to day work – Hence they would include a modern fibre case – Today Fender only ship with a vintage style case, so this Nocaster has both case options  – Whilst it was originally spec’d with a set of 6105 frets, it was recently professionally re-fretted – I don’t know the exact size, but I know they are larger than vintage, but smaller than many of the medium/jumbo size that you find on many models today – The guitar came into stock with a set of 10’s and that surprised me as the feel and playing experience led me to believe I was playing a set of 9-42’s as it was so slinky and easy to bend – Frets are more high, with less width – Many black guard Custom Shop Tele’s are spec’d with that big chunky U neck profile that can be somewhat of a handful to many – This Nocaster has been spec’d with a Large C profile that is a touch more ‘user friendly’ with a touch less meat on it, yet still retains enough girth

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Tonal character :-  Played unplugged and you can clearly hear a vibrant, responsive and full bodied voice – I often state that it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ring, so that unplugged test is a great place to start any evaluation of the tone – I know I have the benefit of handling it in the flesh and you can only read about it, but this Tele is a TONE MONSTER that includes a pair of Abby hand wound pick-ups – Be it plugged into an amp on a clean setting, a subtle blues overdriven setting, or hi-gain setting, this Tele will handle it and enjoy it – Little did Leo Fender know that when he developed the Tele, that nearly 70 years later, it will still be utilised, by so many, in so many different genres of music – This Tele is so responsive to you and the amp – With the volume and tone pot on 10 for more bite and edge, it will deliver a hint of attitude, that always remains musical – Then a subtle tweak on the pots, will deliver effective variations that ensures it is loaded with soul, emotion and passion – The neck pick-up can even deliver smooth overdriven LP flavoured tones if required, but you won’t hear a bridge pick-up with more twang, bite, body and balls than this hand wound Broadcaster – It can kick dirt or talk smooth and seductively – Chilled out jazz ‘n’ blues, to hot country pickin, to crunch rhythm, or punk and this Tele can find a home – The taper of the volume and tone pot helps to give you so much more soul and expression, so much so that leaving them left on 10 seriously restricts the guitar character and personality – Therefore I suggest you try it with both pots on, or around, 6 as your base tone, to achieve more of a chilled out voice, then roll them back towards 10, for more of that turbo boost option, as and when required – The more you play it and the more you use these pots the more soul, expression and emotion you’ll get out of it – As I said earlier, this is a mighty fine Tele with a big  tone

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