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If you were to judge a guitar on build quality, attention to detail, playability and premium grade ingredients, then a Nik Huber Guitar would rank highly on any list – Nik and his small team of dedicated craftsmen have acquired a well deserved reputation for mighty fine ‘hand crafted’ boutique guitars – Many  of Nik’s guitars follow the popular route of sublime figured maple tops, a lush finish, plus a host of  exotic trimmings – The Nik Huber Krauster 11 takes more of the simplistic ‘Plain Jane’ path – But any thoughts that a ‘down to earth’ route, will result in a scaled down model, are immediately discarded when you tour the impeccable workmanship of the Krauster 11 – It might look understated, but everything else is certainly out of the top draw – I only found out a few days ago that the Krauster 11 is now the best selling guitar within the Huber catalogue – So time to get excited about a used Nik Huber Krauster 11, from 2018, with a ‘worn onyx black’ satin finish 

In no particular order I listed below a host of products details + various info :-

Two excellent quotes from Nik’s web site – “Our passion is turning beautiful pieces of wood into excellent guitars”   ” The mission is to make better guitars”  – Click here to see more of the Krauster 11 on Nik’s web site 

Tonal character :- The ability to blend between smooth and lush, to raw and powerful, as you move from the P90 neck pick-up to the custom wound humbucker – The neck pick-up is so succulent with big lows and clear crisp highs – Roll off a touch on the tone put for chilled out jazz and sleazy blues – Or leave on 10 for funky crisp rhythm chops – The bridge pick-up delivers a big open voice that is more tight and focused than a traditional Les Paul – Yet captures a strong hint of the balls and attack that you’d expect to hear from a black guard 50’s Tele – So no shortage of girth and bite, without any brittle, harsh highs

The guitar retains enough character to stop you getting bored with it when playing through a clean amp setting – But I dare say it will spend a large part of its life hooked up to an amp offering some overdrive – It only requires a touch of gain on the amp to shows its full capabilities and passion – So start off with the Krauster’s volume pot on 10, for the ‘full on’ package – Then wind it down a touch, as required, for a cleaner voice – Subtle tweaks on the pots will produce effective variations – Hence so much control, passion and emotion at your fingertips  – So full on ‘punk’ based raw to chilled out ‘The thrill has gone’ and a host of options in between – Now add more gain on the amp as required – The P90 is so lush and smooth and will sing as long as required, with the excellent articulation you’d expect on a single coil/P90 pick-up – The bridge pick-up can deliver hot crunch for power chords and riffs, or rip it up for scorching licks and tricks – In short this is a very versatile guitar – This is made more apparent when you utilise the push/pull coil tap option, on the tone pot, that operates on the bridge pick-up – It won’t turn the Krauster into a Fender – But it does offer an additional voice as required – Great for some hot country pickin licks or even a touch of Sweet Home Alabama – Probably more useful and effective with less gain on the amp, or with the amp set up with a clean setting, so try it for arpeggios, acoustic style strumming and simple melodic licks

The Krauster might look more raw than polished, yet under the covers it can be succulent and seductive, yet kick you in the groin, as required – You get out of it what you put in – No one guitar does it all – But the Krauster 11 can do more than you’d expect

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