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The last time I acquired a used Fano Alt De Facto JM6 for stock was around 8 years ago – At the time it was more a case of who is Dennis Fano – We’ve now moved on a few years and whilst Fano Guitars are not mainstream, in the sense of the big USA brands, they have certainly built up a discerning following – Yet Fano has already acquired somewhat of a checkered history – Not with regards to quality, but as to what companies Dennis is now involved with – Fano started of as a small boutique company in the USA, then a short while later they became part of the Premier Builders Guild – Dennis Fano is now involved with Novo Guitars and Rivolta Guitars – Confusing ???? – This JM6, with an aged lake placid blue finish, is an early example, from the original Fano company with a signed ‘Dennis Fano’ marking in the neck pocket of the body – Some will state that such an early example is now ‘desirable and collectible’ – Fano’s love of vintage flavoured off set guitars is pretty obvious – As Fano use to state on his web site ‘the guitars are built and designed on the foundation of some of the great guitars that we have known and admired for years, yet are propelled into the 21st century that enrich the guitars playing performance’ – Hence Tone Pros and Gotoh hardware, hand wound and custom spec’d Lindy Fralin pick-ups, along with a compound fingerboard radius and 6105 medium jumbo frets – But a few flashy components on their own don’t make a great guitar, but thankfully the small Fano workshop ensures that each guitar was crafted one at a time, to deliver a vintage vibe, with a modern playing performance, in one impressive package – Click here and check out a review of the Fano JM6, courtesy of

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Note :- The compound radius gives the guitar a nice and interesting feel, as near the top nut end the vintage spec’d 7.25″ radius feels so welcoming for chord work, but as you move up the fingerboard and start playing your intricate licks, the flatter 9.5″ ensures a more fluid playing action with effortless string bending – The transition between the two levels is not noticeable one bit as it gradually changes

Tone wise it sits somewhere between a Fender Jazzmaster and a Les Paul Special – It has a big lively twang about it, that is straight from the Fender camp – Yet like all good P90 based guitars, you have that beauty and the beast option, in that on clean amp settings the tone can be lush and warm, that ensures jazz/blues chops sound so enticing – Yet switch to the bridge pick-up, for more bite and grunt, that suits driving riffs and power chords – Hit the dirt button on your amp and now the beast is totally audible – The neck pick-up still retains those bluesy sweet tones for moody lead work, but the bridge pick-up kicks dirt and snarls – Think Green Day and those punk based riffs, or the dirt and grunge from Pearl Jam/Nirvana etc – Yet equally, tame the beast, as you trim back on the guitars volume pot, for those jingly jangly pop tones and the Fano is on home turf – It is a well built guitar, that is great fun to play – In fact the more I played it, the more I found it allowed me to play in so many different styles – In a world where so many guitars have the same vibe it is a change to find a guitar that is so cool

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