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I’m sure we are all aware of the impact that the Epiphone brand has acquired, with regards to the volume production of far eastern budget based guitars – Yet few will be familiar with models like this used Epiphone Elite 63 ES335 that is made in Japan – Going back to the 70’s and 80’s then a Jap built Epi was par for the course, but as production costs began to rise, then the move to Korean and Chinese production followed, resulting in lower prices for today’s buyers – Early Jap models from the 70’s and 80’s are fairly sought after, especially the replica models – The Elite series is effectively a ‘superior’ model than the regular Chinese built models – Maybe unfair to say it is a poor man’s Gibson, but certainly at £1199, this used 335, sits in the middle of the Gibson and regular Epiphone price range – In no particular order, then I’ve listed a few key bullet points below :- 

Condition wise and no real issues to mention regarding the gloss finish – Certainly no nicks, dings or dints that are of any consequence – Any blemish is minimal – Yet equally it is not in an ‘as new/showroom condition’  – Some signs of oxidization to the hardware – No fret wear – For a guitar that is now around 18 years old, it has either been well cared for and/or played sparingly

Tonal character – Easy to say it sounds like a 335, yet some 335’s are dark and mysterious and others are far more crisp ‘n’ clear – This 335 has a clean and clear character that is more Larry Carlton and less Clapton/Cream, so less depth in the mid range – As such this makes it ideal for those Carlton/Steely Dan fusion licks – Also makes it ideal for those big overdriven sounds that many indie bands favour, as it allows chords to be clear and audible, yet still loaded with energy – As I mentioned earlier, it would be unfair to say such a guitar is only a poor mans Gibson, as that it is not the case – As we all know, not all Gibson’s are equal and many models over the years don’t cut the mustard – In my opinion, in the same way that select made in Japan Ibanez and Yamaha models have acquired a well deserved reputation, then the same should apply to this Elite Epi 335 – It offers  a good all round performance for £1199

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