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New Fender Custom Shop 53 Heavy Relic Tele – 2 tone sunburst – Last of our 2019 models available at the old price of £3299 

With no heirs and graces, the used and bruised approach of a Tele ensures that they remain in touch with their working class roots – They are still  the leading representatives of the ‘plug in and play’ club – If the aged aesthetics of this ’53 Tele’ tells you one part of the story, then the feel, playability and tonal character lets you know that this is indeed a serious guitar, that should please any guitar player, looking for the ultimate workhorse – So let me introduce you to this new Fender Custom Shop 1953 Heavy Relic Tele, with a seriously aged 2 tone sunburst finish, that unashamedly captures that fully played in character and retains the no frills approach – A Nocaster, an early black guard Tele and a 53 Tele still share many similar traits, including the chunky U neck profile – However I custom spec’d and ordered this  53 Tele with a Large C neck profile, that is a touch more ‘user friendly’ than the usual chunky U profile found on early 50’s models – It is still meaty neck but somewhat less of a handful – I also stayed away from the traditional nocaster blonde vibe just to be different – After all, there are enough dirty blondes out there if you require one

Spec and features include :-

Large C neck profile – The traditional spec for an early 50’s Tele is the chunky U neck profile, which is somewhat of a beast to many players – As such I spec’d this custom ordered Tele with a  Large C neck profile – It still retains some girth, but is far more user friendly – The Large C profile possesses a touch more depth than a traditional 60’s neck profile, found on the likes of a 62 Strat – So overall somewhat of that middle ground – To further enhance the feel and playing performance, I spec’d  it with a set of medium jumbo frets, along with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, to ensure a well balanced fluid action awaits any prospective buyer – It instantly feels played in from day one, as the thin nitro finish has been cut back for that ‘dirty/worn’ character

Tonal character :- In my view the unplugged tone is always the first test – Strum a few chords and see if it rings and if it don’t, then walk away – This Tele possesses a big vibrant acoustic voice – You can both feel it and hear it – In short it delivers that classic vintage Tele voice from the early 50’s – The neck pick-up delivers an angelic voice, with a flute like quality,  whilst the bridge pick-up is loaded with that throaty musical twang – Many budget Teles deliver a harsh clang from the bridge pick-up, whereas a good Tele delivers the twang with balls, body, bite, edge and attack, yet always musical – A pair of hand wound Custom Shop pick-ups help to capture all the goodness that emits from the select ash body  – From chilled out jazz ‘n’ blues, to ballsy punk, with many styles in between and you can see why the granddad of electric guitars still cuts the mustard today – Some guitars deserve the ‘one trick pony’ tag , yet a good Tele is capable of working in so many different musical environments and that has been its legacy for well over 60 years  – The neck pick-up delivers a warm succulent voice, with crisp clear highs, that suits chilled out chords or tasteful licks, so overall rich, smooth and warm, yet always responsive to you stroking or attacking the strings – If you like a neck pick-up that possesses a lush vocal character for  lead licks, then you’ll adore this Tele – The bridge pick-up covers all the territory from hot country pickin’ clean, to raw unadulterated early blues or punk – It kicks dirt but always delivers a musical voice that again is very responsive to you and your picking – So yes it can be a shin kicker, yet equally it can be tamed for a more subtle voice, as required

The common format of leaving the guitars volume and tone pot on 10 is fine, but in this case it will severely limits the guitars true potential – In fact with the volume pot on 10, it is the place I would go to as and when I require that additional edge and bite – So ideal when you have a stronger statement to make – With that in mind roll the volume pot back towards 6 or 7, for a texture that is a touch more laid back, so an ideal place to set-up base camp – This approach will then allow you to use 10 as your boost option, as and when required – This approach delivers far more emotion, soul and expression  – Subtle tweaks on the volume pot will deliver effective variations, so in short, you and the guitar control the amp – Likewise, subtle tweaks on the tone pot allows you to move from crisp, to a touch more chilled, or moody jazz as you roll off the highs  – Select clean amp settings, subtle overdriven blues, or hi-gain amp settings and there is something in there for everyone – In short, not all Teles are this good, but this 53 has a lot going for it

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