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I know the full history of this used Fender Custom Shop Post Modern Relic Strat and certainly recall the distinctive ‘journeyman’ aged graffiti yellow nitro finish – I custom spec’d it, then placed the order – It eventually arrived into stock 6 months later and I sold it within one day to a local collector – So it never originally appeared on my web site back in 2015 – I now have the pleasure of taking it back in to stock, with a view to finding another potential buyer – It is a 2015 model according to the supplied certificate – It has barely been played over the last 4 years or so – It has been on my work bench for a new set of 10-46 gauge strings, along with a check-up and set-up, so already to go with a slick ‘n’ easy action – Complete with the certificate, a copy of the dealer spec sheet and the black Fender G&G case

Post Modern Strat :- I suppose the graffiti yellow finish, along with the HSS pick-up configuration, will always ensure such a guitar  looks like that it possesses more of a modern vibe, as against the pure vintage character of a pre-CBS model, from Fender’s glory days – Yet the chassis of the Post Modern Strat still blends old guard character, with modern tweaks, that are chosen to enhance the playing performance of such a guitar – Apart from the graffiti yellow finish and the HSS pick-up spec, most of the ‘modern tweaks’ are far more subtle –  Like a set of vintage ‘Kluson’ tuners with staggered string post heights – Contoured body/neck feel to allow a more comfortable and easier access to the upper frets – Note the contoured 4 bolt neck plate – A less obvious tweak is the 9.5″ to 12″ compound fingerboard radius, that is spec’d with a set of 6105 medium jumbo frets, to allow for a slick ‘n’ easy playing performance – Yet the neck shape/profile, body contours, headstock logo, vintage hardware are all very much from the old guard – So maybe look at it as a players grade, hot rod refin, old Strat – I’ll add full details and additional info below, but note the EVH humbucker to compliment a pair of Josefina hand wound Ancho Poblano single coil pick-ups

Full spec + details of Fender Custom Shop Post Modern Strat with journeyman aged graffiti yellow nitro finish :-

Tonal character :- Play it unplugged and you’ll quickly be aware of a vibrant acoustic voice, thanks in part to the select ash body – In the middle and neck position, you’ll find a pair of Josefina hand wound Ancho Poblano pick-ups that are vintage flavoured – With the volume pot rolled off just a touch, then the tone is lush ‘n’ smooth with excellent articulation – Wind the volume pot back towards 10 and you’ll discover the traditional funky, spanky, lively Strat voice that is rich ‘n’ full – Effectively the single coil pick-ups deliver the voice that you’d expect from a good Strat – The Ancho Poblano pick-ups only require a touch of gain, on the amp, to deliver the character that many players require for blues, jazz/fusion, funk and contemporary music – But add further gain as required – Many players will favour the traditional SSS pick-up format – But for those who find the bridge pick-up lacking some oooomph, as and when required, then the HSS pick-up format comes into play – Fitting a humbucker, alongside the trem assembly, on a Strat does not suddenly transfer the guitar into say a Les Paul – The lively acoustic properties will ensure it retains the Strat’s natural spanky character – But it does add more girth to the overall tone that some players favour from the bridge pick-up  – This has been spec’d with the EVH bridge pick-up that delivers a hot 13.26K output, but it doesn’t mean that it is just a party animal – Many of those familiar with EVH are only to aware of the tonal character that is available from such a pick-up, on a bolt-on neck/Strat flavoured guitar – For power chords and riffs it delivers a tight low end, with a good punch and excellent clarity – For solos and it sings and screams as required with no shortage of sustain – The HSS combination adds versatility to such a guitar, allowing you to morph from say Hendrix Little Wing and Chic, through to more modern + contemporary rock styles- Some players might stay on the bridge pick-up alone, for a long while and drop back to the single coil mode as and when they want more of a funky, spanky voice

The volume pot on the Strat has a taper that allows for subtle tweaks to deliver effective variations – On more of a subtle overdriven amp setting, then this approach will allow you to clean up the tone as and when required, without losing any of the guitars goodness that you have paid so much for – As such a full on approach to a more lush voice is only a tweak away on the volume pot – A similar approach on a hi-gain saturated amp setting will allow for variation in the level of gain, all controlled by the guitars volume pot – As such, so much soul, expression and variation is available with subtle tweaks on the volume pot  – Just a final mention on the HSS combination, the 5 way switch and the 2 out of phase voices – They are still present and correct – On the bridge + middle combination, the EVH humbucker is automatically tapped, so as it does not over power the single coil middle pick-up – This only adds to the guitars tonal quality and variations that it delivers

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