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Buy this PRS Korina Mira for £1349 and you’ll acquire a lot of guitar for your money – Certainly regarding build quality, tonal character and playing performance, coupled with the pleasure of owning a rare and special instrument  – Originally released for a short period of time around 2009 – Effectively the same as the regular, core series Mira, but now with a one piece Korina body, along with a one piece Korina neck – Re-strung and set-up with a new set of 10’s and a slick easy action – Complete with the deluxe PRS hard shell case and appropriate Eagle tag – Condition wise your initial thoughts are of a very clean instrument, so close scrutiny is required to discover any signs of playing wear – Yes you can view some obvious pick marks on the black scratchplate, yes you’ll find a touch of tarnish on the nickel hardware, but look very carefully to find any minor surface ‘scuff’ mark on the gloss finish – So little in the wear of wear n tear to frustrate or annoy even any perfectionist – Frets are fine – Note this Mira has been signed on the rear of the headstock by PRS himself

Based on the best selling Mira, the Korina Limited Edition model  effectively shares the same spec and features, other than the solid Korina body and neck – The beauty of Korina is a) the weight and b) the tone – very lively, resonant and musically warm – Open the deluxe PRS case and focus your eyes on the guitars simple yet graceful aesthetics and if at this point you are a touch bemused as to what makes the Mira Korina so special, then I suggest you pick it up, strum a few chords, burn off a few chosen licks and listen to the guitars lively acoustic properties  – The weight, or rather the lack of weight is astounding – If a guitar could be judge on the basis of weight v cost, or how many lbs you are buying for your £, then this guitar would be the rock bottom of any league – It only just hits 6lbs and 8oz on our scales and remember that includes a set of 10 gauge strings – Un-plugged this guitar rings like an acoustic instrument, with so much sustain and resonance – Apart from the light weight Korina body and neck, the guitar carries all the features of the best selling Mira – The neck option on this model is the regular/standard profile – Measures .853″ around the top nut end and .933″ around the 12th fret. with a touch less width on the top nut – Either way it is a joy to play as you let your left hand stroll along the 24 impeccably installed medium jumbo frets – The set of 10’s, that are the chosen string gauge for the Mira, give the guitar enough ‘stiffness’ for you to lay into some power chords, yet feel slinky enough to pull of your favourite blues bends

The humbucking pick-ups that are chosen for this PRS are simply tagged as ‘Mira’  – Neck measures 8.47K whilst the bridge measures 9.29K – They are based on the SC245 pick-ups, with just a small amount of tweaking, hence they offer more of a vintage characteristic, along the lines of a classic SG – Hence smooth warm neck pick-up tones, with more of a throaty bite from the bridge pick-up – Played through an amp on clean settings, the tone from the neck pick-up is lush – Ideal if you are delving around with some chilled out jazz/blues chords and licks, as the guitar speaks with an angelic voice – The bridge pick-up delivers more bite and bark, with no shortage of body/girth – Nice and tight and well focused – This ensures it is ideal for blues/indie and classic rock based licks and riffs –  Think along the lines of AC/DC, Cream, Pete Townsend, or Steve Cradock (Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene)  – Flick the mini-toggle switch to bring the coil tap option into play and Tele-esq tones are apparent, especially on the bridge pick-up, to supply you with a more versatile tonal package

Add some gain on the amp and this puppy starts to sing until the cows come merrily walking all the way back home – Again sweet smooth vintage voicing from the neck pick-up with more full bodied bite from the bridge pick-up that is so essential for laying into those driving rock ‘n’ roll riffs and power chords

The no frills look of the Mira Korina speaks for itself but even if you think it looks a bit of a plain Jane, you could not be further from the truth – Yet I think the straw yellow natural vibe of the Mira Korina gives the guitar a nice touch of simple elegance – For £1349 it is a pretty remarkable instrument and I dare say will continue to be highly desirable and collectable as the years roll on

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