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I apologies for the pics on my web site of this PRS NF3 Narrowfield – To many reflection on the gloss black/charcoal finish – This is a used model from 2011, so effectively from the first year of production – Complete with the deluxe PRS case and appropriate swing tag – Just think about it, £1389 for a USA  PRS Guitar complete with a case – Remember this is a fully spec’d USA core series model – Not the current S2 models that are supplied with a 3 piece neck, along with far eastern hardware and pick-ups – Whole guitar weighs 7lbs and 2oz so perfect for weight watchers – Condition wise, taking into account a black finish shows up any light grazes more than any other colour, the overall condition is very good – It is not in as new condition, yet any graze that can be found is on the lighter side of life  – Clean frets – re-strung and set-up with a set of Fender nickel wound strings and a slick easy action

The PRS Narrowfield NF3 features include a V12 thin gloss finish on a korina body – Pattern regular neck profile, with 22 jumbo frets (Dunlop 6100 gauge as used on the PRS DGT) – 25.25″ scale length – A set of NF3 Narrowfield 57/08 pick-ups, that measure around 8.20K – Phase 111 tuners that are slick and smooth – PRS modern fulcrum trem package with a solid/milled brass trem block and saddles (nickel plated saddles)

PRS NF3 Narrowfield Tonal Character :- In short, the influence behind the NF3 is that of a Strat, with a little extra Tabasco sauce added within the mix, to fatten up the traditional single coil voice a touch – Some might say a Strat on steroids – Add the legendary PRS build quality, impeccable attention to detail. as well as an exemplary playing performance and you have an exceptional guitar at a remarkable price –  Narrowfield pick-ups overview – The 57/08 narrowfield pick-ups produce a tone that sits very much between that of a traditional humbucker, and that of a vintage single coil pick-up – If you require the snap, clarity, presence and dynamic response of a good single coil pick-up, with no hum, but wish to blend this with a touch more ‘body’ then this is effectively what the NF3’s are all about – From Hot Texas blues and screaming rock solos, to the soft and melodic voice of Gilmour or Hank, then the NF3 is on home territory

With the volume and tone pots left wide open on 10, the NF3 sounds like the ‘boost pedal’  has already been turned on, to supply you with a touch of that extra ‘spice’ – Add some overdrive on  your amp and rip into hi-gain rock styles as required – For a softer voice, that is more ‘vintage’ flavoured, then simply roll off the volume and/or tone pot a touch, until you find that magical sweet spot – You’ll find the volume and tone pots posses a taper that works smooth and effectively  across the 1-10 spectrum – As such, set up the amp with some overdrive, then control the amp and tone directly from the guitar – This approach will allow you to clean up that overdriven sound, to obtain a more ‘chilled out’ voice as required – Then wind the volume pot back towards 10 for additional boost, when you wish to dig in and attack the amp – The musical warm character of the NF3 allows you to play those lush, rich and expressive chords, whilst the clarity and articulation from the Narrowfield pick-ups, ensures each note/string is clearly audible – The 5 way blade switch works in the conventional manner, hence you’ll still have access to two excellent out of phase settings, that are spanky, clear, full and rich with plenty of ‘quack’ – As such the Narrowfield pick-ups and 5 way switch deliver a well balanced set of voices across all switching options

The final make up of a guitar tone is supplied by a number of individual ingredients – The NF3 features a bolt-on maple neck along with a korina body, so when played ‘unplugged’ you’ll instantly notice a guitar that is vibrant and lively – Play it through the amp and you’ll recognize a familiar voice that is Strat influenced, but now ‘thicker’ with a touch of extra ‘ooooomph’

Playability – Despite all the glamour found on many PRS Guitars, with mouth watering figured maple tops, as well as the legendary build quality and attention to detail,  I feel the greatest asset of a PRS Guitar is the playing performance – For a fluid, well balanced action over the length of the fingerboard, along with effortless string bending, the PRS has few equals – The maple neck has a ‘pattern regular’ profile, which will be familiar to many Fender based players – A comfortable amount of depth to the neck adds to the tone, sustain and stability, without impeding your playing experience – Fitted with 22 jumbo frets,  which allows for effortless string bending, so you can really dig in deep and pull off those big Texas blues bends without any trouble – So much so that a set of 10’s now feels very slinky, so a few might even try a set of 11’s – The maple neck has a ‘satin’ natural feel to it, hence that ‘played in’ from day one, so none of that thick gloss sticky feel to slow you down – The NF3 delivers an addictive playing experience and as a ‘gigging’ guitar that blends tone and playability at a remarkable price, the NF3 deserves a serious test drive

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