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New Fender Custom Shop Cabronita Relic – sea foam green sparkle – Last of our 2019 models available at the old price of £3499 

As a main dealer for new Fender Custom Shop Guitars, I generally order and acquire stock via the following methods – 1) The winter NAMM Show, with many limited edition models offered to dealers only during the period of the show – 2) Via the 2019 catalogue, with most models listed on the web site  – 3) Create your own custom ordered models – As such more exclusive to ourselves – Option 3 is how  I acquired this new Fender Custom Shop Cabronita relic, with an ultra cool sea foam green sparkle finish – The finish costs a touch more than many conventional colours but I’m sure it is worth it – I’ve seen this finish before on other models and thought it would look great on a ‘hot rod’ Tele like the Cabronita – Via the Custom Shop ala carte menu, there are many options available to create your own dream machine – However, as against trying to re-invent the wheel, I often take a model I have stock and sold in the past, then tweaked the order slightly – In the case of the Cabronita, I effectively left it as stock, as per previous twin pick-up models, yet introduced a new cool, aged nitro finish – So read on

Full spec and details – Fender Custom Shop twin pick-up Cabronita :- 

Feel/playing performance :-  Whatever magic is in this Cabronita regarding the playing experience can’t be seen – You feel it – The ’65’ Large C profile instantly feels comfortable, somehow familiar and very much old school from the golden era, with an extra ounce of meat on it – Take the classic 60’s C profile and add a gnats whisker of meat and this is the result – It can’t be considered fat, but it possesses a touch more meat than the regular 60’s C profile  – Yet with less depth than a chunky black guard early 50’s Nocaster – Spec’d with a thin nitro finish, that has been cut back for a silky smooth feel and more of a satin feel about it – To further enhance a slick playing performance, you’ll find a set of narrow/jumbo 6105 frets, along with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius – You can still dig in and attack those big pentatonic blues bends without any choking out – Yet equally an easy playing actions awaits any potential buyer – All in all, such modern tweaks, allow for a slick and user friendly playing experience

Tonal Character :- You can imagine such a guitar in the hands of the hot country guys like Brent Mason, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley – Yet equally it could be a Tele for Green Day fans, or a hot rock ‘a’billy guitar for fans of Brian Setzer, or indeed for those players who want those big ‘Who’ style power chords (remember Pete used such pick-ups on a large part of the Who’s Next and Quadrophenia album) – It delivers a big tone, with plenty of character – If you want to get down and dirty with it, on the amps overdrive channel, then the Cabronita is on home turf – Yet equally Rolling Stones crunch rhythm style chords and riffs sound great, or even drop into a cleaner chilled out zone, on the neck pick-up, if required – I can imagine many players utilising such a guitar on the amps overdriven channel – But it has more than enough character to stay on the clean channel as and when you require such an option – Clean amp settings and it will enjoy playing lush jazz flavoured chords and licks – Yet with both pick-ups on it is great for funky chops, with a full crisp character – On overdriven amp settings that are more on the lower gain side, for crunch rhythm, then the bridge pick-up wins in my opinion – Tight and full bodied – Also ideal for Muddy Water style Chicago blues etc when you want it a touch more raw

Now add more gain and this in my opinion is where the Cabronita is a star – Bombastic energy – Dynamic – Bite + cut and a big voice – The neck pick-up purrrrs and is so smooth – Plenty of sustain so sings as required for those moody pentatonic licks – The bridge pick-up bites and kicks dirt, but it is always tight, with a big voice, so no weedy Tele voice on the Cabronita – Yes it can be dirty and delivers plenty of energy, but it isn’t just a full on ‘punk’ machine – The volume tone allows for subtle yet effective changes as you tweak it – Set it around the 6/7 mark and choose this as your base camp – As such the voice is less full on, but retains the true Cabronita’s character, albeit with less gain – Then when you require that ‘turbo’ boost, just wind it back towards 10, when you require that little bit extra that is on the edge of going out of control – Such tweaks on the volume pot work effectively on all levels of gain you choose on your amp – It sounds more like a Tele than a Gretsch 6120 style guitar – But equally it doesn’t sound like a traditional Tele

The volume pot hides an S1 push/push switch – More subtle than wow – A simple tone switch that delivers a tweak to the voice – Imagine a 6 band graphic EQ pedal with a slight cut  – There as required, but I find more variation is possible with tweaks on the volume pot

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