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Weighing in at only 7lbs and 4oz, this new + highly spec’d Fender Custom Shop 63 Heavy Relic Tele should give any potential buyer years of fun and happiness – As a main dealer for new Fender Custom Shop Guitars, I generally order and acquire stock via the following methods – 1) The winter NAMM Show, with many limited edition models offered to dealers only during the period of the show – 2) Via the 2019 catalogue, with most models listed on the web site  – 3) Create our own custom ordered models – Hence more exclusive – Via the Custom Shop ala carte menu, there are many options available to create a dream machine – However, as against trying to re-invent the wheel, I often take a model I have stock and sold in the past, then tweaked the order slightly – In the case of this 63 Tele, I simply changed the colour to a seriously aged ‘faded sea foam green’ finish –  So read on

Full products details for Fender Custom Shop 63 Heavy Relic Tele :-

Feel/playing performance :-  Whatever magic that is in this Tele regarding the playing experience can’t be seen – You feel it – The ’65’ C profile instantly feels comfortable, somehow familiar and very much old school from the golden era, with an extra ounce of meat on it – Take the classic 60’s C profile and add a gnats whisker of meat and this is the result – It can’t be considered fat, but it possesses a touch more meat than the regular 60’s C profile  – Spec’d with a thin nitro finish, that has been cut back for that dirty/worn ‘played in from day one’ character – Note ‘rolled’ fingerboard edges to further enhance that played in feel – To further enhance a slick playing performance, you’ll find a set of chunky 6110 frets, along with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius – You can still dig in and attack those big pentatonic blues bends, but equally a slick playing actions awaits without any choking out – All in all, such modern tweaks, allow for a slick and user friendly playing experience

Unashamedly aged :-  Plenty of played in character on this Tele – The thin nitro finish displays plenty of lacquer checking, with no shortage of wear, fade, dirt n grime – You won’t have to worry about playing this Tele and collecting the odd nick – All the hardware is aged accordingly, so all in all a guitar that looks like it has already played in every blues joint north of Watford

Tonal character :-   I start of any evaluation with an un-plugged test – It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ring, is a phrase I will often quote – This Tele has a big vibrant acoustic voice – You can both feel and hear it when you play a big open E chord – So a great place to commence any test drive – I then sit down with the amp and select a clean voice, a light overdriven voice and a hi-gain overdriven voice – Then play around with a few licks, chords, different styles – Then tweak the  volume + tone controls to see how the Tele responds to subtle tweaks on the pots – This Tele has no shortage of character and expression – The issue was I was enjoy the test drive so much, for so long,  I probably forgot what I was going to write about, as I heard so much variation – Many more ‘affordable’ Teles have to much of a clangy thin character, that is brash, especially on the bridge pick-up – Not so this Tele – It shows why a good Tele can work, so well in so many different genres of music – From chilled out jazz, to aggressive punk and a host of options in between – On a clean amp setting, the neck pick-up is clear, full and crisp – Roll off the tone pot as required for a chilled out smooth jazz voice, that still retains good string/note definition and articulation  – The bridge pick-up has plenty of depth to it as it delivers that classic throaty Tele twang – Tight, with bite, body and balls – Great for country, rock n roll etc – It only needs a touch of gain to add character and start to sing

Playing around with a hi-gain amp setting, or a low gain amp setting obviously produces different results – Yet now bring into play the guitars volume pot and roll it off as required – So a hi-gain amp setting with the volume pot rolled off will still deliver a different voice to a lower gain amp setting and the Tele now back on full volume – It is subtle yet effective tweaks on the volume and tone pot that helps to deliver so much soul, expression and emotion – So from a chilled out voice to a more dynamic voice that has more bite and energy, this Tele delivers the goods – On overdriven amp settings, the neck pick-up puuurrrrrs – Robben Ford smooth with good articulation – Less gain and the bridge pick-up is great for the raw blues styles of Muddy Waters, boogie style riffs and chords or rock a billy twang – Add more gain as required for bone crunching power chords or  hot lead licks – As I mentioned earlier I never got bored of this test drive and evaluation – Not all Teles are as good as this Tele


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