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A pure vintage thoroughbred fan may well prefer to spend  considerably more  and opt for the Historic Custom Shop replica – But at only 7lbs and 14oz  this used Gibson Les Paul Junior has quite a bit going for it – At £689 it has a lot going for it – Further details below :-

Tonal character :- For me the first test of such a guitar is that ‘Bad to the bone’ riff as I look for that raw power, that is full bodied, tight and bites – Then I look at the ‘punk’ voice of Green Day to find out if it is loaded with energy – Yet a single P90 is more than just a party animal that kicks dirt and snarls like the best of them – Utilise the volume pot  to control the beast – On a clean amp setting, such an approach will deliver a more melodic voice – Not a jazz smooth tone as such, but certainly less full on – Wind it back to 10 and it possesses the twang and bite that is similar to a black guard 50’s Nocaster – Add some gain to take you into the raw side of 50’s Muddy Water style blues that allow riffs to cut through the mix – Or single notes to bite, so very much smoke stack lightning etc – Yet big power chords instantly makes you think The Who – Again use the volume pot to take away some gain and deliver a slightly more ‘softer’ voice – Add more gain to take unleash the party animal – Stacks of energy and very much Green Day etc – Single note will sing and sustain as required – To some players a single P90 guitar might well be the only guitar you’ll ever need – Depends on your playing styles – Yet to others, then £689 will allow you to buy a guitar that can add something else to your existing collection and ensure loads of fun for many years

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