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With SRV plastered all over the custom 8 hole scratch plate, it is so easy to identify a Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Strat – Part of me thinks that there is no point whatsoever supplying you with any additional product info – The Fender web site lists plenty of details and in many ways the SRV scratchplate logo determines exactly what this Strat is – However in true Guitars4You style I’ll list some additional details below :-

Condition wise and this is a clean example without being able to earn any mint, as new tag – Couple of minor nicks to the gloss burst finish, on the top/belly of the guitar – Otherwise only slight surface grazes that are fairly minimal – Frets are clean – Even the gold hardware shows only light signs of any wear ‘n’ tear – So play it for many hours without having to give it the ‘kids glove treatment’

Tonal character :- Not sure we need to ask – Yet equally we all know such a guitar is not going to allow us to instantly master all the goodness that SRV acquired over his life – Yet equally it sounds like a good Strat, with all that crispy, funky single coil character – Good depth, with crisp clear highs and just enough girth in the mid range – Infectious out of phase tones on position 2+4 of the 5 way switch – Hard to not try out those walking bass lines with Texas Shuffle chord stabs – Or rip into a few catchy riffs with aggressive vibrato – Yet equally, like all Strats it can allow you to try out some funky Chic style rhythm work, or melodic Hank Marvin style tunes – So yes the SRV scratchplate will ensure that many stereotypical pentatonic blues riffs and licks will inevitably  be heard emitting from this Strat, down the guitar lead towards your favourite amp – Yet it is capable of doing what most good  Strats can deliver – On overdriven amp settings, the volume pot will allow you to roll off from 10, towards 6 or 7, to obtain less gain and a more chilled out voice – Some will say Texas Specials have a ‘spikey’ voice – It will of course depend on the amp + pedal set-up – And with the Strat on 10 their is a tendency to hear more bite/edge – But utilise this voice as and when you require a little bit extra – Hence with the volume pot on/around 6 or 7 it will be  a great place to set-up  base camp, with less gain and a more chilled out voice – Then wind it back towards 10 when you require that ‘boost’ option – This approach ensures far more emotion and expression

To some players it is just another good Strat – To other players it could well end up being your pride ‘n’ joy (sorry about that)

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