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Look at a vintage flavoured Strat with a maple neck + fingerboard, gold hardware and a fiesta red finish and you can’t help thinking Hank Marvin – I’m sure this will be the appeal for many prospective buyers – Yet this is no regular vintage replica – It is a Fender Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuilt 59 NOS Strat – A used model from 2012, that is complete with the vintage style tweed case, certificate + leather strap – I have also acquired a copy of the shop floor traveller spec sheet – Condition wise and it is a very clean guitar – A slight nick, that has been touched up, can be found on the front of the body, otherwise a very clean example – Clean frets – Even the gold plated hardware shows very little in the way of wear or fading – Remember this Strat has been spec’d with a NOS finish – So just like a clean guitar, with a gloss nitro finish and none of that aged character – Re-strung + set-up with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and a slick action that responds to a light touch – Trem slightly raised for up/down pitch – Can fine tune set-up as required

Full spec sheet for this 59 NOS Yuriy Shishkov Strat :-

Feel/Playability :- Normally on a 50’s based Custom Shop replica, you’d expect to find a chunky neck, that is relevant to the era – Such chunky necks are not always ‘user friendly’ to many players – As such this Yuriy Shishkov Strat has been custom spec’d and ordered with the classic neck profile of a 1960 Strat with a hint of extra meat on it – Take the pure vintage feel of the oval C neck profile, then add modern upgrades, including a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, along with a set of medium jumbo frets, to enhance the playing performance – As such a set of 10’s now feel slinky and allows the guitar to be set-up with a slick and fluid playing action – Furthermore string bending is effortless and controllable, with no choking out as you rip into big blues bends – Hence the perfect combination of the vintage feel, coupled with a modern slick playing performance – The neck starts of with that ‘melt in your hand’ C profile that is .828″ deep at the top nut end, then fills out to  .950″ depth at the 12th fret

Tonal character :- The combination of an alder body, with a set of hand wound Abby pick-ups, that feature formvar winding and alnico 11 magnets, combine to produce a lush, smooth and melodic character – No shortage of clarity, with clear, smooth sparkling highs, but overall this guitar has a softer voice than other Strats – I played it for a while on clean amp settings and found no shortage of character and warmth, across all 5 switch settings – Neck is pure lush and smooth – Think of the smooth texture of  Lindt chocolate – The neck possesses a bright character that is neither thin, weedy or fierce – The two out of phase settings are totally infectious – Instant Knopfler + Clapton – Add some gain on the amp to the point of less is more and think BB King ‘The Thrill is Gone’  or Knopfler ‘Sultans of Swing’ and this will give you an idea of gain I’m talking about – With this level of gain the volume control can be set around 6 or 7 for a cleaner voice, then wind it back towards 10 when you require that little bit extra – Hence no shortage of expression is available at your fingertips, as subtle tweaks produce effective variations  – With the volume pot rolled off a touch, the guitar still retains its tonal character and full expressive qualities  – Not sure such a guitar will spend to long plugged into a hi-gain amp setting – Nevertheless I tried it and found no shortage of tonal quality – It might not be as ‘raw’ as a Rory Gallagher Strat – Probably more of the softer quality Dave Gilmour would find favourable

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