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I dare say very few of us have ever heard of Artinger Custom Guitars – To be fair, today there are a host of highly skilled luthiers from all corners of the world – Many such custom workshops will be content to remain as a small one or two man business – Click here and find a link to an article on Premier Guitar regarding Artinger – Then click here to explore his web site – Then read below so I can update you with additional info regarding this custom built Artinger Mattocaster  :-

Playing performance :-  A slick easy action awaits any potential buyer – Apart from the glued in nature of the neck, the essential ingredients and construction are very much from the classic Strat stable – As such no surprises when it comes to the guitars tonal character – I would say it is more crisp, funky and polished, as against an SRV blues style guitar  – ie think along the lines of the slick LA session guys and Larry Carlton and this is where I’d probably place it – Very responsive to how you play it, so stroke the strings for more of a mellow vibe, or dig in for more of a funky vibe – After a short time test driving it through a clean amp setting and a hi-gain amp setting, I came away thinking that it works better with a ‘less is more’ approach regarding overdrive levels – As such think Larry Carlton and Michael Landau – Don’t get me wrong in that it functions perfectly through a clean amp setting, for those funky Chic style rhythm chops, or indeed Hank style melodic tunes – Equally you can add a shed load of gain, but I just think you hear the guitar at its best with less gain, to show of its full tonal character – Subtle tweaks on the volume pot produce effective variations – So start of on 10 for more of a full on approach, with a touch more snap and bite – Roll it off to find the sweet spot and a slight softer vibe, that will equally clean up an overdrive setting – Roll off the tone pot a touch if you require less crisp highs – No shortage of expression and emotion as you tweak the volume pot and adjust the gain level as required

I understand any new quotes from Artinger now start at over $3500, which easily equates to over £3500 with import duty, vat and shipping fees

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