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It would be very unfair to describe this PRS Singlecut SC245 as just another nice used instrument – From its sublime aesthetic qualities and slick playing performance, to its soulful tonal character, it is loaded with many fine attributes – So let’s start with its age and condition – As a 2008 model, you’d probably expect to find a few slight grazes, but this is a very clean instrument – It might not be quite worthy of a 10 out 10, as new condition tag, but it is certainly close to that – You’ll have to be prepared to hunt long and hard, to find any graze to the gloss black cherry finish – Even the gold plated hardware shows little in the way of wear – Certainly the frets look like they have seen little use – Complete with a deluxe PRS case + the appropriate tag – At only 7lbs and 15oz the weight alone should not offer any negative thoughts to LP fans

Upgrades and special features :- Artist Pack options include gold plated hardware, rosewood headstock facia + truss rod cover, exotic and very colourful paua bird inlays, plus paua inlays for the PRS headstock signature logo – Then finally, that delectable artist pack graded flamed maple top, that is decked out with a gloss black cherry finish – A tight, plus straight grain pattern to the figured maple top, that some call fiddle back, or tiger flame – A further Artist Pack upgrade for this period is a Macassar ebony fingerboard that looks smooth, dark plus even grained  – Note a set of PRS Private Stock rosewood control knobs with ‘dot inlay’ markers – It would have been factory spec’d with a pair of 245 PRS humbuckers, but the previous owner acquired a pair of the highly sought after PRS 57/08 PAF flavoured humbuckers – Well worth a £400 upgrade – Regular 245 features are inspired by the classic LP Standard – So a one piece mahogany body, with a one piece mahogany neck – Vintage style Kluson tuners and non-locking on the SC245 – 24.5″ scale length, so shorter than a regular 25″ scale length that PRS favours on most other models – Bespoke PRS wrapover bridge assembly, that is milled from aluminium, so  lightweight, plus offers accurate intonation – Mounted on a pair of chunky studs, that help to maximise string vibration/transmission into the body, to further enhance tone and sustain

Tonal character :- To match the guitars undoubtedly seductive looks, with that slick and legendary PRS playing performance, you’ll find a pair of the highly sought after PRS 57/08 humbuckers, sitting in the heart of the engine room – Hence vintage flavoured tones and output – Neck measures 7.87K whilst the bridge measures 8.72K – Add the classic combination of a mahogany/maple body, to the PAF flavoured pick-ups and you’ll experience a guitar that is loaded with soul, emotion and expression  – 5 minutes of it hooked up to a good amp, whilst exploring different playing styles, through clean amp settings, overdriven blues or classic rock settings, or hi-gain amp settings, leaves you wetting your lips and wanting to hear more – The neck pick-ups is velvet smooth, fat, warm, succulent and clear – So for chilled out jazz/blues, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton or Steely Dan etc, through to Slash, Kossoff or Green, your ears will adore those classic voices – Add some overdrive and switch over to the bridge pick-up and lay into some boogie driving riffs and a clear throaty bark is evident – Move the overdrive level up another notch, then rip into some scorching lead breaks and listen to this puppy sing with rich clear harmonics – The 245 possesses all the tonal qualities that can only help to inspire your performance – This again is further enhanced as you find out how responsive the volume and tone controls are – Subtle variations are effective, as you turn down from 10, to around the 6, 7 or 8 mark, allowing you to clean up the overdriven amp setting, whilst preserving all the highs and lows, hence more emotional control at your finger tips

So how does it play ? – The hallmark of any PRS Guitar is the feel and playability, that allows you to explore and develop your playing without any inhibitions, so as you’d expect this 245 is as good as ever – The term ‘wide/fat’ to describe the neck profile may well put the fear of God in to some, yet whilst there is an acceptable level of meat on the rear of neck, fat and wide it ain’t – Measures .869″ around the top nut end and fills out to .962″ around the 12th fret – It is comfortable and full, but not as chunky as per a 58 or 59 LP Reissue – Such girth helps to enhance the tone and sustain  – Those 22 medium jumbo frets are correct contoured and polished to perfection, which allows you to experience that slick PRS Playing experience with a wonderful fluid easy playing action – Re-strung with 10-46 gauge strings and set up with a slick action that responds to a light touch

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