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So how does £2499 tempt you for a used PRS 509, with a charcoal burst finish and a 2018 serial number – I say used, but you’d be hard pushed to find any sign of previous use – This 509 is still in showroom condition – I’m selling it on behalf of a good customer of mine – He is a self confessed humbucker fan, yet decided to try a find a guitar that also delves into the single coil side of life, or indeed a guitar that might do both – Alas the 509 was not for him – It has barely been played, so why not save a few pounds on the new price, yet still effectively buy an as new guitar – Complete with the deluxe PRS case and tags – Before we go any further then why not click here and few a shed load of details regarding the 509 on the PRS web site – Don’t forget to check out the PRS video clip of the 509 on the same web page – Then click here and read an excellent review of the PRS 509, courtesy of Dave Burrluck and Guitarist Magazine

Few more details :- 

Playing performance :-  I mentioned above the Dave Burrluck review courtesy of Guitarist Magazine – This is such a good review that I feel there is very little extra for me to add – Certainly with regard to spec + details – However I will add a couple of points – It possesses that slick easy playing action that is a trade mark of PRS Guitars – Currently set-up with 10/46 gauge but I can edit as required – The Pattern Regular neck profile possesses a 60’s Strat character with a touch of comfortable depth to it – At .930″ around the 12th fret it is exactly the same size as you’d find on a Strat from the 60’s – Note the 25.25″ scale length

There is a touch of The Swiss Army knife vibe to the tonal character in that it covers both humbucker and single coil voices – The switching system is easy to use and understand – The 5 way switch functions as per a Strat, so neck only, neck/middle, middle only, middle/bridge, bridge only – Whilst the 2 mini toggle switches simply offer single coil or humbucker mode – Position 2 + 4 of the 5 way switch offers those classic ‘out of phase’ voices – This is thanks to the single coil middle pick-up – Many guitars now offer 2 humbuckers with a 5 way switch option, for more tonal options – PRS, Musicman, Tom Anderson for starters – Yet the ‘out of phase’ voices are generally a poor approximation – You need that middle single coil pick-up, as per a Strat, to deliver more accurate ‘out of phase’ voices – The humbucker voices probably capture more of a 335 flavour than say a Les Paul – More clarity and articulation, coupled with warmth – Very melodic, with smooth highs and just enough mid range oomph, with full clear lows – The neck pick-up is lush – The bridge pick-up has more bite about it, but not a thin way

The Single coil mode offers more zing – In part due to the mahogany body + glue in neck format, it will never deliver the true vibe of a pre-CBS Strat – But I’m not sure this is the key factor on such a guitar – In my opinion it is about a flexible package that allows you to go from fat humbucker to single coil zip, in one package – EVH to Chic, without having to change guitar – If you want pure SRV, then I dare say you won’t even be looking at such a guitar – But if you want a flexible package then the 509 does it better than most – The taper of the pots work effectively across the 1-10 range – Roll off the tone pot and it will sound mellow without strangling the tone – The volume pot will allow you to control the amp, so add some overdrive, then for a chilled out soft blues voice, roll off the volume pot until you reach that magical sweet spot – For the full blown overdrive, run the guitar wide open at 10 – Hence you are in total control regarding how much soul and expression such a guitar can deliver

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