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Currently offered for sale, at £2890, is a used and all original, Gretsch Super Chet G7690 from 1976 complete with its original case – Walnut finish  – Condition wise and it is a clean example, with little issues that would deter many prospective buyers – Wear is more on the lighter side of life, especially when you take into account it is now well over 40 years old – No nasty nicks, grazes or dints that are a distraction – Some lacquer checking, but mainly grazes, rather than dings, to the gloss finish – No fret issues – It has been on my bench to have the frets polished – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 11-49 gauge strings and a sensible/light action

Like Fender and Gibson, Gretsch went through the buy out procedure in the 60’s, to a bunch of pen pushing bean counter accountants and as such many aspects of the original heritage and quality disappeared – Yet somehow the Gretsch Super Chet exceeded the rule and holds a credible reputation within the Gretsch world, even though it is somewhat of an unusual rare bird – It is generally accepted that much of the design work was spec’d and commissioned by Chet Atkins himself – In part to deliver a jazz country based guitar, that matched that of earlier Gibson and Epiphone models – Also take into account that Gretsch had to pull out all the stops to retain their world number one endorse, as he was disillusioned with the quality control of Gretsch Guitars in the Baldwin era – So it was very much the last throw of the dice for Gretsch  – If any guitar could ever be priced on its lavish trimmings alone, then surely a Super Chet would sit fairly high on the price register – With the likes of the glitzy Penguin and White Falcon already under its belt, Gretsch could never be accused of running scarred when it comes to such issues – It has obvious appeal to the solo jazz or country based player, yet today such guitars work well in the rock a billy environment, as well as attracting interest to Pop and Indie based players, who require a cool looking guitar, with clean sounding attributes that will crunch up nicely if required

Finally, various spec and features includes :-

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Every guitar in stock at Guitars4You has been personally selected, inspected and approved by me, with particular attention paid to the set-up and playing performance – Every sale, phone call, mail order transaction or e-mail is handled my me – Mark Hopkin, the owner, Managing Director, cleaner and coffee maker (Jo, my wife helps with the coffee) – A journey, now in excess of 40 years, has fuelled my knowledge, experience, love, devotion and passion for exceptionally fine guitars – This reflects in every aspect of our business.

I have no desire to run an Amazon style 'click to buy' guitar shop, that lacks any soul or passion, or indeed to fill a showroom with a selection of dirty, shop soiled or dusty guitars that are in need of a set-up.

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