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For many, a Gibson Les Paul should be black or sunburst, maybe white, or maybe even wine red – So I dare say a ‘midnight manhattan blue’ finish will not appeal to  everyone – Equally some will say it is cool – Either way, let me introduce you to this used, Gibson Les Paul Limited Edition, with a 2004 date of birth – Released as a run of only 275 with certain distinctive features, that set it apart from a regular LP Standard or Custom – Sorry the pics do not do justice to the figured maple top, or indeed the lush blue finish – It looks far better in the flesh – So in no particular order let me update you accordingly :-

Electrics and tonal character :- The original Burst Buckers have been removed, along with the tone caps, to be replaced by a pair of PAF influenced Bare Knuckle humbuckers, with aged nickel covers – BK Mule in the neck position that measures 6.91K, whilst the BK Black Dog in the bridge position kicks out a touch more at 8.82K – Also the tone pots have been changed and now feature push/pull option to deliver coil tapped, single coil flavoured tones, as and when required – Also now spec’d with BK Jensen tone caps – All professional fitted with neat wiring and solder joints – I dare say it will always be  a matter of taste and opinion as to are the BK pick-ups superior to the original Burst Buckers – Certainly doesn’t add any value as both pick-ups have a similar retail value – So I can only evaluate and appraise as it is now – Bare Knuckles are certainly a popular ‘upgrade’ for many players these days – I like this combination with the chilled out and laid back Mule in the neck position and a slightly hotter Black Dog in the bridge position to deliver more ooomph, yet retain a vintage paf character  – It effectively delivers what you’d expect a good LP to do so – Maybe the ebony fingerboard adds a touch more clarity and articulation to the overall voice – Ebony has a similar character to maple, in that both are a harder wood than rosewood, hence both add a touch more clarity

The neck pick-up is lush, warm and smooth and puurrrrrs – It possesses enough character to keep you hooked when played through a clean amp channel for those chilled out moments – Equally it thrives when you add a more subtle level of gain via the amp or pedal, or take it up a notch further with more gain – The bridge pick-up is tight and focused with that desirable growl/bark – Clear lows and crisp highs with enough mids to push and drive but not over power – Again no shortage of sustain as and when required – It can bite when you attack the strings, or be more melodic as you caress each string  – So no shortage of emotion, expression and character – If you want this LP to be clean, sultry and smoky, or crisp clear,  and bright but not brittle, then no issues – Add some overdrive and if you want it to waillllllllllll, then you try and stop it – Caress each note or attack each string and it will respond – From slow and soulful single blues notes that need to blossom and bloom, to fluid legato licks that transcend the length of the fingerboard and as such require good note separation and articulation, this LP is on home turf – If you want that double whipped creamy warm smooth tone, or that throaty bark, that bites and sings in a musical way, then again it delivers – The taper of the pots allows them to work smoothly and effectively over the whole 1-10 range – Roll off the tone pot and it will sound mellow without strangling the tone – The volume pots will allow you to control the amp, so add some overdrive, then for a chilled out soft blues voice, roll off the volume pot until you reach that magical sweet spot – For the full blown overdrive, run the guitar wide open at 10 – Hence you are in total control regarding how much soul and expression such a guitar can deliver

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