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Quite a bit to tell you about regarding this 1975 Fender Tele – On looks alone, it possess that played in character, thanks to plenty of regular work, it has carried out, over the last 45 years or so – When I first acquired this Tele, I knew it was not all original, regarding hardware + wiring loom + pick-ups – So time to explore various options in order to get the best out of it  – It was one of those guitars that looked cool with some played in mojo – It played very well, thanks to the benefits of an earlier re-fret with medium jumbo frets – But the tone was seriously below par – Far to thin, weedy, ice pick attack, scratchy etc – I felt it deserved a far better tone than what I was hearing – So to leave it as it was became an instant no no – I’m not against the idea of a ‘players grade’ Tele but in such circumstances I want it have a superior playing experience, certainly compared to an all original example from the same year – Bottom line is that in my opinion this is now a very good 70’s Tele

Now to the changes :-

Tonal character :- There is a tendency for 70’s models to be a touch thin and weedy, with to much of a sharp fierce and brittle attack with ice pick highs – I was aware of this before I made any changes, as listed above, so this is what I was hoping to avoid – It is one thing hoping you’ll get an improvement, after such changes have taken place, but whilst the guitar is on the bench  you never know for sure how it will turn out – So that first test drive, as I plugged it in to the amp, was such a positive moment – It sounded good when played acoustically, but plugged in and the improvements are instantly audible  – The bridge pick-up was tight, with plenty of body and energy – You’ll experience all the twang, bite, body and balls, that you’d expect to hear from a good Tele – So far less brittle than a regular 70’s Tele – The neck pick-up is lush, smooth, warm with sparkling highs/clarity  – I initially played this Tele through the clean channel of the amp, whilst checking out both pick-ups – No need to quickly move away from this setting as the Tele offered plenty of character – Chilled + laid back for jazz/blues or twang for country pickin’   – But moving on to the overdriven amp setting, I need to check out the volume pot, to ensure if it would offer subtle gain/tone variations, as I roll it off a touch – Yes it does – This gives you access to so much more emotion and expression – You can roll off  the volume pot a touch, for more of the ‘BB King The Thrill Has Gone’ vibe that is so laid back – Yet as you wind the  volume pot back towards 10, this Tele possesses more of that ‘punk’ attack, with musical bite and no shortage of attitude – So plenty of tonal variations as required, with a host of options in between – The same approach works on a hi-gain amp setting but tends to offer more gain variation – Harder to totally clean up such a hi-gain amp setting – With such gain and now on the neck pick-up, you can almost achieve the Gary Moore Still Got The Blues lush sustain

It would be harsh and unfair to say I’ve transferred a 70’s Tele into a pre’ CBS 50’s classic – But I have seriously enhanced a non-original 70’s Tele into a far superior guitar regarding the playing performance and tonal character – So a ‘vintage guitar’ at a far more affordable price, that has so much ‘mojo’

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