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There has never been any doubt about the quality of far eastern guitars that bear the Yamaha name – Ever since the late 70’s and the launch of the popular SG2000 model, Yamaha have been recognized as one of the leading non USA Guitar Companies – Yet equally they have produced many models that have struggled to establish any foot hold in the market place and as a result maybe they have questioned their own identity – A couple of years ago, following a big product launch and a host of world wide promotional activity the Revstar models were released onto the market place – Very much a retro designed guitar with Yamaha’s slant and influence stamped on each guitar – A host of models across the price range, most of which can be purchased for under £1000 – So let me update you with info regarding this used, Yamaha Revstar 720B, with an ash grey satin finish – Why not click here and spend 10 mins or so listening to a video review of the 720B courtesy of Guitar Interactive Magazine

I wasn’t so sure what to expect from the 720B when I hooked it up to my amp – The Gretsch influenced Filtertrons said to me twang – Yet the influence of a solid mahogany body suggested something that might be more along the lines of a Gibson SG – Yet the figured maple top should add more clarity than an SG – As an over view I’d say it is more SG than Gretsch – More tight and focussed, with a strong mid range – Yes it possesses sparkling highs, but less of that twang character that you’d find on a semi acoustic Gretsch based guitar , like a Duo Jet- That is not to imply any thing negative or positive, just a case of what I’m hearing –  No shortage of ‘single coil’ clarity – Yet less raw ‘girth’ than a Gibson SG would deliver – The video clip I mentioned above should give you a good idea of the tonal character of the 720B – To me it offers a great voice for Indie/Brit Pop, hot country, rock ‘n’ roll, especially on clean amp settings and more subtle overdriven amp settings – It is not an Angus Young rock machine and when played as a blues box it is probably more about the driving rhythmic voice of  Bo Diddely, rather than the scorching lead voice of Joe Bonamassa – It is fun – It brings something different to the table regarding its tonal character – It looks cool and it is certainly well built

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