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To many changes on an annual basis -To many different models – So yes it can be confusing for many players and buyers as to which Les Paul would suit you – So where does a Gibson Les Paul Traditional fit in within the range – For many years the LP range was effectively a Standard, Deluxe and Custom – The Standard and Deluxe were the same guitar other than the option of mini-humbuckers or humbuckers – Whilst the Custom was the posh boys model, with gold hardware, fancy binding, that split diamond headstock inlay plus an ebony fingerboard – At that point most of us knew where we stood – Over the last 10 years, or so, the Les Paul Standard was often anything other than what we knew it was – The best selling model that many rock/blues players worshipped – Gibson added coil tap options, a new neck profile, a host of ‘odd ball colours, locking tuners – Maybe nothing wrong with such changes, but with such modern tweaks it should have been called the Les Paul Modern – Then leave the Standard as it was – So whilst this was going on, the Les Paul Traditional was/is effectively the Les Paul Standard that we’ve all known for many years – So effectively this used, 2011, Gibson Les Paul Traditional, with an ice tea burst finish, is an LP Standard – In fact change the truss rod cover and most players would never know – The spec and features are what many LP Standard players/buyers required – So time for me to update you with more details :-

I’m not sure we need to go into any details regarding the tonal qualities of an LP – We’ve all just about heard hundreds of recordings by our favourite artists, be they hi-gain rock players, or guitar players who require a clean funky voice – The Classic 57 humbuckers kick out a vintage PAF flavoured output so not a screamin’ demon, that kicks down barn doors – But such vintage output levels ensure more dynamics and more responsive – Remember the great EVH rock tone is from such a similar pick-up – So for more modern rock styles that require more gain/bite, then just add more gain on the pedal/amp as required – This LP will still sing and bite as required – For clean, to jazz/fusion, to Indie, pop, or country, to the laid back clean styles of BB King The Thrill is Gone, to the rock/blues of Green, Kossoff, Moore and JoBo then the traditional is on home turf – Overall I’d say the Classic 57 pick-ups deliver a tone with more clarity and definition – Some LP’s can be a touch to mushy, whilst the Traditional delivers clear crisp highs, but not thin or weedy

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