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Time for me to introduce you to a used Gibson Custom Shop 1961 ES335 Dot Reissue, with a lightly aged VOS  historic burst finish – An exceptionally clean, but used Memphis Custom Shop model from 2018 – Condition wise it is  effectively as per the day it was first purchased – The advantage with a VOS nitro finish is that the merest hint of any graze will blend in with the factory aged vibe – In this instance I know the previous owner and can vouch for the way it has been handled, so yes it is still like new and complete with the Gibson Custom Shop labelled case, plus certificate/wallet – Re-strung, plus set-up with a new set of 10-46 gauge strings, along with an easy action that will respond to a light touch

So what makes this Gibson Custom Shop ES335 ’61’ Dot Reissue so special and appealing ? :-  Well Gibson have their knockers and I for one can sometimes be included in that category, yet when they get it right and you find a good ‘un, they do possess some alluring magical qualities – This 335 offers you the chance to own a detailed replica of the original ’61’ dot inlay model, coupled with the superior craftsmanship that comes from the Memphis Custom Shop, to ensure it is a cut above the regular production models – The late 50’s and early 60’s period is accepted as the zenith of semi-acoustic history, so now all those magical qualities are captured for you in a far more affordable package  – The Memphis Custom Shop team have gone the extra mile to include period correct features, so in no particular order I have listed additional info below :-

The neck on this 335 dot reissue features the slimmer early 60’s vintage profile – Essentially the main difference between a 59 Dot Reissue and a 61 Dot Reissue is the neck profile – The early 60’s slim neck has been the bench mark that many 335’s are judged on – It is easy to handle and extremely comfortable, yet still possesses enough meat to enrich the tone, sustain and stability – The neck profile is probably the hardest aspect of a guitar to capture and deliver using words alone, so the hands on test drive is the ultimate test – I’ve played big necks that are both comfortable or  hard to handle and the same can be said for slim necks, so it is not so much the neck dimensions alone that make them feel comfortable to handle, more the shape itself – This is a comfortable and rounded C profile without the fatter girth you’ll find on a D profile – Measures .840″ around the top nut end and gently fills out to .923″ around the 12th fret – Set-up with a sensible slick action, with a set of 10-46 gauge strings, that responds to a light touch

Tonal character :-  In many ways I probably don’t need to tell you how a 335 sounds – Yet whilst there is an inherent voice to any humbucker based 335, the finer nuances of the tone will differ from era to era, especially with so many different changes to the pick-ups, that have taken place over the years – With the perpetual search for the holy grail vintage voice, it is no surprise that a pair of Gibson MHS humbuckers sit in the heart of the engine room – Rich, warm, smooth and luxurious with good articulation and musical highs that glisten – The neck pick-up purrrrs as it shows of its laid back qualities – It delivers a big voice without ever sounding mushy or boomin’ – Chords are clear with good note separation, whilst single notes are well defined, allowing you to delve into those Larry Carlton-esq jazz/fusion licks – The bridge pick-up still retains a musical warmth, with just enough depth and body, with some additional bite, edge and attack – There is a clear and distinctive ‘chalk and cheese’ contrast between both pick-ups, that allows you to switch between either to handle different needs – Or leave the 3 way switch in the middle position, to allow you to dial in/out different volume levels on each pick-up, to explore a host of possibilities as required – Some combinations and variations are more subtle than others, yet all effective

This 335 is happy to sit on a clean amp setting without ever sounding like it lacks any character – Equally it requires little gain on the amp for it to open up and start to sing – The vintage flavoured MHS pick-ups might not be the first choice for any die hard death metal fans, but this 335 will happily work with low or hi-gain amp settings – In fact playing around with the volume pots on the 335 and different overdrive levels on the amp, there is a clear difference between a low gain amp setting and the guitar on full, when compared to a hi-gain amp setting and the guitars volume pots trimmed down – So no shortage of variations to explore – The volume pots work effectively and smoothly across the 1-10 spectrum, so subtle variations will produce effective results – Try setting it up with the volume pots on, or around, the 6 or 7 mark and choose this option as your base camp, to deliver less gain – Then wind the volume pot back towards 10 as and when you require more of a full on approach – As such no shortage of soul, expression and emotion in this 335

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