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A cherry, dot inlay 335 is certainly one of the most iconic models to have graced the pages of a Gibson catalogue – Since its initial release in the late 50’s, the 335 has been ever present within the product range, albeit with a few variations – Around 1982, the dot 335 returned to the catalogue, but for many the Custom Shop replicas always sit at the top of the ‘most desirable’ list – So can I welcome into stock a used Gibson Memphis ES335 ’61’ dot reissue, with a classic VOS cherry finishReleased in 2018 as part of a limited run, with appropriate vintage correct details, including hide glue, no tubing around the truss rod, double ring Kluson tuners, a slimmer taper to the neck profile, ‘Mickey Mouse’ ears and a pair of MHS vintage replica PAF pick-ups – Condition wise this 335 has barely been played – As such it is effectively in the same condition as when purchased a year or so ago – Complete with vintage brown case, appropriate certificate/wallet and a host of tags/paperwork – In no particular order, let me update you with a host of details and info :- 

The neck is tagged as the ‘slim 61’ profile – Yes it is a touch slimmer than the late 50’s profiles, which tend to possess a chunky depth, yet the 61 profile is not exactly skinny – It retains the traditional 1 11/16 nut width  – Comfortable depth that is easy to handle – Certainly not skinny when we look at the waif like necks adapted by the likes of many pointy headstock models that are loaded with Floyd Rose terms – Set -up with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and a slick action, it is certainly easy to handle – Fine for those cascading jazz fusion licks, or to dig in for those pentatonic blues bends

Tonal character :-  Since 1958 and the birth of the 335, it has featured on many recordings and appeared on numerous stages throughout the world, covering most genres of popular music – Along with a good Tele, it is probably the most versatile of guitars – For once I’ll borrow a small paragraph from another source ‘ From growl and howl, to sweet and crisp, the 335 covers the tonal palette through blues, jazz and rock – The MHS PAF replicas let you dial in jangly country tones, to distorted rock tones with ease – The neck pick-up delivers the classic tones for everything smooth, jazz to  dirty blues – Flip to the bridge pick-up  and you’ll command sounds from bright and clean to raw and mean’

With the perpetual search for the holy grail vintage voice, it is no surprise that a pair of Gibson MHS humbuckers sit in the heart of the engine room – Rich, warm, smooth and luxurious with good articulation and musical highs that glisten – The neck pick-up purrrrs as it shows of its laid back qualities – It delivers a big voice, without ever sounding mushy or boomin’ yet always sounds somewhat ‘mysterious’ – Chords are clear with good note separation, whilst single notes are well defined, allowing you to delve into those Larry Carlton-esq jazz/fusion licks – The bridge pick-up still retains a musical warmth,, with no shortage of additional bite, edge and attack, as and when required – There is a clear and distinctive ‘chalk and cheese’ contrast between both pick-ups, that allows you to switch between either to handle different needs – Or leave the 3 way switch in the middle position, to allow you to dial in/out different volume levels on each pick-up, to explore a host of possibilities as required – Some combinations and variations are more subtle than others, yet all effective

This 335 is happy to sit on a clean amp setting without ever sounding like it lacks any character – Equally it requires little gain on the amp for it to open up and start to sing – The vintage flavoured MHS pick-ups might not be the first choice for any die hard death metal fans, but this 335 will happily work with low or hi-gain amp settings – In fact playing around with the volume pots on the 335 and different overdrive levels on the amp, there is a clear difference between a low gain amp setting and the guitar on full, when compared to a hi-gain amp setting and the guitars volume pots trimmed down – So no shortage of variations to explore – The volume pots work effectively and smoothly across the 1-10 spectrum, so subtle variations will produce effective results – Try setting it up with the volume pots on, or around, the 6 or 7 mark and choose this option as your base camp, to deliver less gain – Then wind the volume pot back towards 10 as and when you require more of a full on approach – As such no shortage of soul, expression and emotion in this 335

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