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Yes this vintage Epiphone 1964 Casino sits proudly on my showroom wall, waiting to find  a new home, with the intention of exploring many years of mutual friendship – In the mid 60’s when the Beatles played an Epiphone Casino, all they wanted to do was ‘to hold your hand’ – Today’s artists want to bump, grind and ‘hit me baby one more time’ – How things have changed – Essentially the Casino is the same guitar, as the Gibson ES330, but due to John and Paul both owning a Casino, along with Keith Richards and in later years, Paul Weller, the Casino has become sought after amongst many players and collectors, with escalating prices, plus few clean examples now available for sale – From discussions with a previous owner, It is believed that it was the first owner who moved the E sticky logo from the scratchplate to its location on the upper horn, for whatever reason that maybe – Otherwise we are talking about a 55 year old instrument  with few, if any, negative issues

So what condition is the guitar in ? – Well it had been played on a regular basis from 1965 until the 80’s, but since then, it has been played sparingly  – I think it is fair to say that if you spent many weekends, for 20 years, entertaining in smokey filled gin joints, then you would not be in first class condition, so maybe this sums up the condition of the Casino – It is generally accepted that not all guitars from the ‘golden era’  possess the required mojo that musicians are looking for – So glad to report this Casino is a good ‘un with no broken headstock, no body, neck or fingerboard repair work and no changed hardware – Mint it ain’t, but neither has it been abused, yet it does possess plenty of aged mojo and character – No shortage of lacquer checking on the faded burst finish, with ‘forearm’ wear clearly visible to the top corner  – Little in the way of buckle wear can be found on the rear of the body, so lighter side of wear ‘n’ tear, coupled with the usual lacquer checking – Some wear on the one piece mahogany neck, along with lacquer checking – A couple of small splits on the fingerboard binding on the bass string side, but nothing unusual on that score and certainly no issue – The volume and tone pots function fine, with only slight hints of noise as you rotate them from 10 to 1 – Certainly not excessive or an issue to any one who isn’t to pernickety – So plenty of  played in character, but nothing to indicate it needs to think about retirement  – The guitar performs well and is still capable of spending many more years entertaining in gin joints – Yet I dare say many players would buy such an instrument to play on an occasional basis, enjoy its company, appreciate its history – Then watch its value increase further over the coming years – In fact when you look at the incredible high value now placed on many Fenders and Gibson’s from the golden era, there are not to many models left available for sale that can be tagged ‘affordable’ to the average guitar player/collector – The 153*** 6 digit serial number indicates a circa ’64’ period – Offered for sale including a decent quality far eastern Epiphone semi acoustic case, so hunt long and hard if you require an original case

Additional info :-  Whole guitar weighs only 2oz over 6lbs    The Epiphone label is still in tact and can be viewed via the f hole – It clearly shows the E230TD model number  Original nickel plated hardware including ABR-1 bridge with wire retainer plus nylon saddles  Comfortable C neck profile that has some meat on it, but certainly not in a clubby chunky way – Many models from Gibson went to a slimmer nut width by the mid/late 60’s but this is still spec’d with the original ‘wider’ dimensions (1 11/16″ or 43mm)  The top nut has been replaced – professional fitted and cut from bone – The original nut is still in the case  At the same time a new set of medium jumbo frets have been professionally fitted – Such work has been undertaken whilst in the possession of the previous owner – I sold it to him around 6 years ago and recall the original frets were on their last legs and certainly did nothing to enhance the playing performance – Such work has seriously improved how this guitar performs – No nibs so frets over the binding – Re-strung and set-up with 10’s – Many guitars from the ‘golden era’ might look cool and possess plenty of character yet can be a ‘bitch’ to play – A bit like driving an early 60’s sports car v a modern sports car – This Casino is now a joy to play and well worth the cost of such professional work

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