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Time to update you with various details regarding this used, 2007, PRS Standard Singlecut Soapbar with a nitro satin vintage cherry finish  – Taking into account how easy it is to mark a satin nitro finish, the overall condition is very good – No nicks or dings that are worth a mention – Close viewing will reveal signs of a sheen from playing and maybe a touch of polishing – No fret issues whatsoever, so for a 12 year old guitar its condition is more than acceptable – Priced at £1290 and that includes the deluxe PRS hard shell case as well as the original eagle tag – In short you get a lot of guitar for your money and remember this is the full blown USA model and not an S2 model – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10′ s and the usual slick action that is a trade mark of a PRS Guitar

The satin finished approach undoubtedly leans towards a straight forward plug in and play guitar, with no fancy frills, hence this is unmistakably a guitar that is built for playing – But please do not let the ‘Standard Plain Jane’ appearance of this guitar fool you into thinking that the stripped down approach also means, poor build quality, cheap materials, or indeed an inferior playing performance – Far from it, in fact the name on the headstock alone should assure you that this guitar is all about quality and that it is built to deliver a no-compromise playing experience – Paul Reed Smith himself has always had a love affair with Les Paul Specials and Juniors from the 50’s golden era period and this is the flavour that he has delivered with a Standard Satin model – It is fair to say that the issue with 50’s spec’d LP Junior and Special models, is that whilst they have a great tone, they tend to lack a slick playing performance, that is versatile enough for many of today’s  guitarist – Not so with a modern PRS  – If you wish to keep your playing simple and let the tone do all the talking, you will not be disappointed with this PRS – Yet if you wish to show off a few of your flash party licks ‘n’ tricks, then the fluid easy playing action of a PRS will allow you to do this – The one piece mahogany neck has a wide/fat profile, so whilst this has some meat on it, it is not chunky and comes in a tad slimmer than many Gibson LP’s – It measures .866″ at the top nut end and fills out to .930″ around the 12th fret, so fair to say it is a medium to full profile, but more importantly, it is comfortable to hold and easy to handle – The only decorative details are a set of colourful abalone bird inlays, on a dark and smooth rosewood fingerboard – 22 medium jumbo frets – The one piece mahogany body and neck both receive a thin nitro satin vintage cherry finish, which allows the wood to ‘breath’ and ensures the vibrant acoustic voice is full of life – The whole guitar weighs a very credible 8lbs and 10oz – Nickel hardware throughout including a set of 14:1 ratio low mass locking tuners, plus a light weight, one piece, milled aluminium wrapover bridge/tailpiece – Click here and check out a review, going back to 2007, of this PRS, courtesy of Guitarist Magazine

Tonal character :- Pickups are a pair of single coil P90 Soapbars, custom wound and supplied courtesy of Seymour Duncan – They deliver a vintage flavoured 7.67K from the neck pick-up, with a hotter 11.15K emitting from the bridge position – On clean amp settings the neck pickups is deliciously warm, smooth and luxurious, with excellent articulation, that can easily gravitate towards jazz flavoured tones if required – The bridge pickup possesses a full bodied tone, with a throaty bark and bite about it, that still retains a musical character, yet can lean towards a raw punk flavoured voice, when it needs to – At this point I was half expecting it to be a bit posh and polite, yet when I compared it to a Gibson VOS LP Junior reissue, that I had in stock at the time, it measured up very favourably – Which is a good tick in the appropriate box for the PRS, as we know the strength of the LP Junior bridge pick-up is that unadulterated raw vibe – So yes the PRS is well educated, but it can be dirty and raunchy if required – Add some subtle overdrive on your amp, or step it up even more with a hi-gain amp setting and the PRS moves up another level – It can deliver a Jekyll and Hyde character, allowing you to move from a sweet, rich, educated and cultured tone, through to a raw basic blues vibe, then onwards to a punk based voice that is adored by the likes of Green Day and The Ramones – If you find a humbucker based guitar has a tone that is to dark, yet a Strat based guitar has to weak a voice, then I urge you try this Satin Standard Soapbar – It’s a great guitar that you will have fun with and surprise yourself what it is capable of delivering

Look at today’s affordable PRS S2 models, that cost new around the £1200-£1400 price range, then on paper this Singlecut Satin Standard wins hand down – It is a genuine full blown USA model, with no PRS Designed, far eastern parts, regarding tuners, bridge and pick-ups – It features a nitro finish and includes a deluxe case, not a gig bag – Spec’d with a solid one piece mahogany neck, not a 3 piece neck with scarf joints – Plus not some distance cousin, that is twice removed, regarding the source of mahogany for the body and neck – On the new S2 models, PRS hide behind the veil of ‘same genus different species’ regarding the mahogany that is chosen for the body and neck – This effectively means a gold fish and killer shark are related – Furthermore this Singlecut Satin Soapbar model will now retains its value, whilst a new S2 model can only fall in value, up to and around 50% immediately

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