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Sorry if the pics of this used, 1988 Gibson ES347  do not do it justice – But feel free to contact me for any additional information – Traditionally the Gibson ES335, 345 and 355 have been the most well known semi acoustic examples, but over the years they have introduced variations around the established theme – The ES347 is such an example, so in no particular order let me update you with a host of info :-

Tonal character :-  Easy to say it sounds like a Gibson with a big fat voice – That in many ways is applicable to many Gibson Guitars, but the finer character of say a 335 differs from year to year – The ebony fingerboard adds more clarity/definition than a rosewood board – The neck pick-up is more dark, mysterious and moody, yet not dull – The bridge pick-up is bright with big lows and clear highs with plenty of energy, bite and attack – So a big contrast between each pick-up – As such try the middle switch position, then tweak each volume pot to acquire effective variations as required – I’d say the overall voice is more Larry Carlton and jazz/fusion based, as against Cream or Jo Bonamassa rock/blues, as such I found the guitar works well with a very clean setting on the amp, or with just a hint of gain to add some character – Or again, as a contrast, it works very well on saturated hi-gain amp setting that will suit metal fans – With more classic rock overdriven amp settings it tends to work at its best when playing power chords and riffs – Think big Who style power chords and/or Southern boogie style riffs, or indeed Indie + Grunge – No shortage of character to explore – So now try the coil tap option for some funky single coil flavoured tones, that tend to be far more effective on chords and cleaner amp settings

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