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Can you consider a 1969 Gibson ES150DCN to be a rare guitar ?  Can you effectively consider it to be a deep bodied ES335 ?  Or is it effectively a double cutaway ES175  ?   Effectively the ES150 has far more of a link to the ES175 – So whilst it might possess the appearance of a 335, when you look at the face of the guitar, it is a deep bodied instrument that measures around 3″ deep – Whereas the 335 features a central block that supports the bridge and tailpiece, the ES150 is totally hollow bodied, as per a ES330 and the ES175  – Which ever way you look at it, the ES150DCN can be considered cool, with no shortage of character – Whilst £3490 can’t ever be considered small change, it does offer the chance to acquire a vintage guitar, at a far more affordable  price

In no particular order let me update you with a host of info with regards to this 1969 Gibson ES150DCN :-

Tonal character :- The neck pick-up offers the tone that instantly reminds of you Grant Green and other jazz flavoured players – Woody, big, warm with a touch of dark mystery in there – The bridge pick-up is bright and takes you back to the early days of swing + rock n roll, so think T-Bone Walker and early Chuck Berry – So bright with bite  – Yet play both pick-ups together and you can find yourself in the land of 60’s jangly pop – Think The Beatles and The Mama’s and the Papa’s – Keep the volume level sensible and ditto the same ref any gain on the amp and it can handle modern Indie or blues style – In fact a touch of gain on the bridge pick-up is ideal for those early 50’s days of blues, swing etc and the retro bands like Jimmie Vaughan, Fabulous Thunderbirds and Duke Robillard   – It possesses no shortage of character – Depending on your playing style will determine if it is the only guitar you’ll need – Yet for many, it can sit in a private collection and do a specific job, as and when required, yet be fun to play and own – Great as a practice guitar at home, whereby no amp required allowing you to doodle for many happy hours

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