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Time to check out a used Fender Jaguar Reissue with a classic sunburst finish – Note the Made In Japan decal on the rear of the neck, along with the serial number, near the neck/body join – The serial number commences with T, which indicates a 1994/95 period – Condition wise this is a very clean instrument, certainly considering it is now around 25 years old – There is a small nick on the rear/rim of the body, otherwise any graze is minimal – Frets are clean and shows no sign of wear – So overall it has been well cared for and not played to often – Whole guitar weighs 8lbs and 7oz – All original regarding finish, hardware, pick-ups + wiring loom etc – Classic 60’s oval C neck profile that measures .865″ at the top nut end and fills out to  .934″ at the 12th fret , so measurements are very much akin to models from the pre CBS golden era  – Re-strung + set-up with a set of 10-46 gauge strings

Note regarding the set-up + playing experience :- Many players favour changing the bridge + trem on vintage Jazzmaster + Jaguar models – Mastery and Staytrem are common ‘updates’ – Whilst some favour the Mustang bridge assembly – The ‘big issue’ regarding a Jaguar, is the break angle of the strings over the bridge assembly, in order to obtain a decent action – Such guitars were never designed to be set-up, plus played, with light strings and a low action – As such many ‘well known’ issues occur when you try to  set them up with a ‘modern’ criteria – I have changed no components on this Jag, so it is still all original – However in order to improve the set-up, plus playing performance, I have removed the neck, then placed a small shim in the body/neck pocket – This now lifts the neck up a touch and allows you to lift the bridge accordingly – Net result is an improved break angle on the bridge assembly – This eliminates most issues that annoy players today – The other issue is the loose trem arm – A simple mod is to neatly wrap some Gaffa tape around the foot of the trem arm – Just one ‘wrap’ then squeeze and now put it back in the trem assembly – Net result is a snug fit – Granted this mod won’t last for ever, so as time goes buy you’ll have to repeat such a process  – Bottom line is that I can now offer for sale a vintage based Jag that plays how I’d want it to play – Responsive trem system – Sensible action that still responds to a light touch for melodic licks, plus your usual riffs + power chords

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Every guitar in stock at Guitars4You has been personally selected, inspected and approved by me, with particular attention paid to the set-up and playing performance – Every sale, phone call, mail order transaction or e-mail is handled my me – Mark Hopkin, the owner, Managing Director, cleaner and coffee maker (Jo, my wife helps with the coffee) – A journey, now in excess of 40 years, has fuelled my knowledge, experience, love, devotion and passion for exceptionally fine guitars – This reflects in every aspect of our business.

I have no desire to run an Amazon style 'click to buy' guitar shop, that lacks any soul or passion, or indeed to fill a showroom with a selection of dirty, shop soiled or dusty guitars that are in need of a set-up.

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