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Buy a new USA G&L and one thing I guarantee is a high depreciation value if you ever decide to sell it – Regardless of any positive comments you can throw at G&L Guitars, they never acquire the recognition that they deserve – Yet this bodes well for prospective buyers looking for a quality used guitar, as the high depreciation on a new guitar, ensures relatively low used values – Hence this used, 1996 G&L ASAT Deluxe, ensures you get a lot of guitar for you money

Maybe we can’t say that a G&L or indeed an ASAT is a Fender Guitar – Yet G&L Guitars was a company found by Leo Fender, in-conjunction with his senior partner, George Fullerton, from their days driving the original Fender Company, prior to the pre CBS days of 1965 – G&L was established in the late 70’s with its base in Fullerton, Orange County, California – Until his death in 1991, Leo could still be found, on a regular basis, tinkering and designing, at his work bench in the Fullerton G&L factory – The ASAT has obviously borrowed ingredients and designs from the best selling Tele model – Whilst this ASAT Deluxe has acquired properties from the cool Tele Deluxe that was initially released in the early 70’s, with its twin humbuckers – The ASAT retains many Fender-esq properties – Bolt on maple neck, 25.25″ scale length, 1 5/8″ nut width – But maybe not initially noticeable is that the ASAT Deluxe features a figured maple top that sits on a slab of mahogany – This instantly adds a touch more girth to the mid range properties and noticeably more sustain, yet the Tele twang is still apparent

In no particular order let me update you with a host of details etc :-

Playing performance :- No surprises as to how such a guitar feels and plays – The chunky frets ensures string bending is nice and easy – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a fairly slinky action, that allows you to dig in and attack the strings, as required, or live in the fast lane, as you show off a few chosen licks and party tricks – The satin finish supplies you with that silky smooth played in character – The overall feel is certainly traditional Tele influenced – No surprises there – Tonal character and to a large degree the ASAT Deluxe retains that Tele-esq twang – Yet the mahogany body, in-conjunction with a pair of humbuckers, ensures more girth, in the mid range, to the tonal character – Maybe you can say it somehow blends the tone of a Tele with that of an SG – More focussed in the mid range and certainly more sustain and big tight lows – Like a good Tele, the ASAT is equally at home when played through a clean amp setting – Be it cool, lush and smooth for jazz, or clean and crisp for funky rhythm, or with some melodic twang that suits chickin’ pickin’ country – Add just enough gain on the amp to give you some overdriven character and this is great for the Stones style crunch rhythm, that ensures those power chord riffs possess body, drive and bite – Or indeed for those early days of Chess Records and traditional R’n’B   – Yet load the amp with as much gain as you like and the ASAT will be more than happy in a grunge band or hi-gain metal band, dishing out driving riffs, or letting you rip into screaming solos that sing, with no shortage of sustain – The mini toggle switch allows you to step out of humbucker mode and give you access to some funky single coil flavoured tones – Maybe more effective on clean or less overdriven amp settings – Which ever way you look at it, this G&L is well built, very versatile, great playing performance and offers outstanding value at £1269

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