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Of all the electric guitars to leave the original Gibson factory, at 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan, then a cherry Epiphone Sheraton is amongst a few fine, yet  very rare, examples – During the 60’s the Gibson log book indicates only 53 were shipped with a cherry finish, without the Bigsby option, whilst only 20 were built with a factory fitted Bigsby – Cherry was not even added as an option until 1965 – So this Epiphone 1965 Sheraton E212T is indeed a very rare example – You’ll instantly notice, from my web site pics, the stop tail conversion – A popular feature amongst many 60’s Gibson/Epiphone models – Look at the strap button area on the rim and you can just about make out the 3 original ‘plugged’ screw holes, to indicate the original ‘Frequensator’  tailpiece mountings  – Eagle eyed readers might also note that the shell pick guard is not original either – Not sure why/when it was replaced – I could guess that some owner in the past did not like the large E on the original example – Either way it has been changed – Otherwise this 1965 Sheraton is pretty much all original

In no particular order then let me update you with a host of details :- 

Condition :-  No repairs, breaks etc to the body/neck/fingerboard etc – No touch up/over spray to the finish – So all original – Usual fade and wear to the gold plated hard wear – Some hardware is almost fully worn to nickel in character, ie tuning buttons, whilst other parts (often less touched) like the hexagonal machine nuts, still retain most of the gold, albeit a touched tarnished/oxidized  – Original frets – Low yet wide profile – Plenty of use left in them – In fact little, if any, signs of wear  – Plenty of fade to the original cherry finish – Some checking – Yet for a guitar that is getting mighty close to its 60th birthday then it is in pretty good condition – Lighter side of wear ‘n’ tear’  with more subtle grazes and compression marks – Nothing serious  at all to report regarding wear and tear  – Pots + switch function correctly, barely any hint of any crackling or noise from the old pots across the 1-10 taper

Tonal character :- In short, the Riviera and Sheraton offer a crisper ‘cleaner’ and more lively voice, than their 335/345 counterparts – The nature of the ‘squashed’ mini-humbuckers naturally produces a brighter voice – I don’t like placing guitars into categories of ‘this is a rock guitar’ and ‘this is a country guitar’ etc as such boundaries are there to be exploited by any players – After all the Strat and Tele were never designed to be played in the way many of us like to use them today – Yet the Sheraton performs better, in my opinion, with less gain on the amp – Be it a very clean amp setting, or my favourite, with enough gain to add character, but not into that full ‘dirty’ mode – In fact set the amp up with as much gain as you need and the guitar pots on 10 – Then trim back the vol pots to obtain a more chilled out voice, hence less gain – Let this be your ‘base’ camp and often with the pots on/around the 6/7 mark – Kind of the ‘Need your love so bad’ or ‘The thrill has gone’ kind of voice – Then return the pots towards 10 as and when you require more gain/bite – Great for the chilled out style of Robben Ford jazz/blues – Yet so at home in a 60’s style jangly pop combo – Yet add more gain for ‘Oasis’ style crunch melodic rhythm/riffs – I can imagine in say a Tom Petty/Squeeze/Crowded House type of band, such a guitar working well to deliver the goods – ie were the solos and licks are more ‘simplistic and melodic – I just don’t see it as a kind of EVH/Metallica solo type of guitar – Highs are clear but not brittle – Lows are warm and rich – Mids are more transparent than fat/moody – I will say that overall it is loaded with character – I’ve had it in stock for a while, yet never offered it for sale, until now, as I’ve had fun playing with it for myself – But neither fair, or good for business, to hang onto all such wonderful toys forever – But I’ve enjoyed my time with it – I kind of dabble around with 50’s jazz/blues/swing/R’n’B/rock’n’roll etc and the simple melodic styles of JJ Cale – Hence my earlier comment about playing it will far less gain – And this guitar really suits what I like to play – So now it is time to hand it over to another potential caring player/owner

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