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No Frank Hartung is not the latest top striker to sign for Bayern Munich – Yet I dare say many will not be familiar with Frank or indeed his exceptionally fine work – Many are probably more familiar with his German compatriot, Nik Huber, yet Frank possesses a similar ethos when it comes to craftsmanship and a dedication to perfection – So let me introduce you to this used, 2013, Frank Hartung Embrace Worntage 57, with an aged gold top finish – No prices for guessing the influences behind such a guitar, even though it has a distinctive headstock and carved maple top – At this stage I can report it has had one previous owner who purchased it from World Guitars in the UK and is offered for sale complete with certificate , appropriate CITES paperwork for the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard as well as the deluxe case – The new price today for such a guitar is in excess of £6000, so £2999 represents somewhat of a healthy saving for such a fine instrument

In no particular order let me update you with a host of spec and info:-

Tonal character :-  Click here to visit the Frank Hartung web site page for the Embrace Worntage and you’ll hear a clip of it in action, if you travel down to the foot of the page – Probably no surprise to learn that the Embrace aims to capture the vibe of a good LP from the vintage golden era – With that in mind, its competition comes from the many R7, R8 and R9 vintage replicas that are out there – Yes they possess an inherent tonal character, but the finer detail might differ from one guitar to another – The Embrace 57 possesses no shortage of character and quality that reminds you of a good LP – The neck pick-up is custom wound with a paf flavoured output of 8K – Yes it is fat, rich and warm, yet on playing your first chord or lick you can instantly hear that it possesses good articulation, so slick licks and complex jazz chords are fully audible, with good string/note separation – The bridge pick-up is custom wound to provide you with a bit more oooomph and output – Yet it is not a ‘screamin’ demon’ – It retains warmth and a musical character, but provides a touch more bite and growl when required, with a tight low end and smooth highs  – Both pick-ups are totally sensitive to you and the volume controls across the 1-10 spectrum – This allows you to dial in soul, expression and emotion as and when required – As such on an amp setting with less gain, you can leave the volume pot on, or around, the 6-7 range and set this up as your base camp – Trim it down a bit more for the ‘Thrill has gone’ chilled out voice – Then wind it back towards 10 when you require more gain that delivers more of a full on statement – A similar format works on a hi-gain amp setting – Granted hard to obtain a very clean voice with such high levels of overdrive, but the volume control still functions smoothly from 1-10, which allows you to dial in the level of gain required – Interesting to try out low gain amp settings with the guitar on/around 9-10 level, then compare it to a hi-gain amp setting, with the guitar volume pot now rolled of to around 6-7 – Similar but different, so no shortage of expression to explore

Finally don’t forget a set of single coil flavoured settings to explore, via the coil tap option on the tone pots – Don’t expect them to sound like Stevie Ray’s Strat, but they are practical and useful, especially on cleaner amp settings, or indeed with less gain, for funky ‘Chic’ style rhythm work – Granted the guitars main function is to deliver those fat humbucker tones – But not an issue to have an extra voice as and when required

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