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You can discuss the beauty of the burst, along with all the aesthetic merits of an LP Standard, with a figured maple top, yet there is something to be said about the simplicity of a black finish on an LP – So I’m glad to offer this Gibson Les Paul Classic, from 2002, for sale at £1469 – Gibson have mucked around with various models over the last few years, but this 2002 model is still the original spec’d Classic model, with a one piece mahogany body and in my opinion all the better for it

Additional comments in no particular order :- 

The LP Classic v The LP Standard – effectively the same, but different – A Classic is spec’d with a slightly slimmer mahogany neck, based on the early 1960 Les Paul’s  – Note the headstock facia and the script text that denotes Les Paul Classic and not Les Paul Model – A Classic is spec’d with a set of open coil hot humbuckers – Otherwise they can be considered a similar guitar – In recent years Gibson have tended to  change various spec and features of the Classic, to set it apart from the Standard, so today’s Classic is now considered to be a more budget version of the Standard – Yet for a number of years, they had a similar price tag – As such they can be considered a similar model, with a different neck shape and pick-ups – The neck pick-up is still fat and warm, but the bridge pick-up kicks out an extra touch of power – So more screamin’ highs, yet still plenty of muscle in the mid range and tight lows – To a degree a Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul, yet subtle and effective variations will please one customer more than another – The Classic can still deliver you that fat vintage flavoured Clapton to Moore classic rock n blues tone, but as an overview it does tend to possess an extra ounce of bite – So maybe more pleasing to the player who wants a Les Paul that delivers an extra kick – Horses for courses as they say

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