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Add a set of hand wound House of Tone, 60’s traditional single coil pick-ups, to this 2005 Fender AM Strat Deluxe and for a shade over £1000, you will acquire a very useful professional Strat – The AM Deluxe Strat is effectively the modern based American Strat, that delivers a slick and easy playing experience – Yet not everyone sings the praises of the S1 switching system, linked to a set of Fender Noiseless pick-ups – As such a whole new vintage wiring loom plus the House of Tone 60’s pick-ups will be a very acceptable ‘upgrade’ – So please read on for more details :-

Regular spec is an alder body finished with a traditional 3 tone sunburst gloss finish, but almost from here onwards we are talking about modern tweaks and updates – Whole guitar weighs a very credible 7lbs and 14oz – The maple neck has a comfortable modern C profile with a medium depth to it, then finished with a thin satin finish, so as to deliver that silky smooth ‘played’ in from day one character – Rosewood fingerboard with ‘pearl’ dot inlays –  Along with a modern 9.5″ radius,  plus ‘rolled’ fingerboard edges, you’ll find 22 medium jumbo frets, that allow for easy string bending – So much so that a set of 10’s now feel slinky – A sculptured body/neck join, by the neck plate, allows for a more comfortable and easier access to the top end of the fingerboard – Hence an all round improved playing performance – Set-up with a new set of 10’s and a fluid playing action that responds to a light touch, so if you want to burn up and down the fingerboard, whilst showing of a few cascading licks you’ll find that overall the AM Strat Deluxe offers a slick playing performance – 60th anniversary decal on the rear of the headstock

All the hardware is modern and updated, including a set of Fender/Schaller Deluxe locking tuners that feature staggered height string posts, so no string trees required – The trem system is now the modern Fender deluxe 2 point fulcrum model, with a push in trem arm, which in conjunction with the locking tuners, helps to provide you with an improved package, that feels both smooth and positive, coupled with improved tuning stability – Just ask Jeff Beck, as this is effectively the system he now favours on his Strat

Condition wise :- Look on the rim of the body, near the 5 way switch and you’ll find a small nick, about the size of O – Otherwise look carefully at the sunburst gloss finish and you’ll only see, at worst, very light surface grazes, that are barely skin deep – So overall a clean Strat – Clean frets – Missing the rear trem plate cover – Includes the deluxe Fender moulded case

Tonal character :-  Sat at the heart of the tone department, fitted to a 3 ply parchment pickguard, you’ll find a trio of hand wound House of Tone pick-ups – Click here to visit their web site for additional info – Click here to visit their site to hear a few sound clips of the 60’s Strat pick-ups in action – Loaded with a set of Alnico V magnets and hand wound with 42 gauge wire – At the same time the factory pots and switch were upgraded with a new wiring loom that comprised CTS pots + a CRL 5 way switch – So a nice professional upgrade, that would cost well over £200 – Wired with the traditional master volume pot + tone neck + tone middle and bridge – To me such changes produces a more ‘organic’ voice that is less ‘clinical’ and ‘sterile’ – Overall more lush, warm, responsive and musical with that classic Strat snap, attack and dynamic response – Utilise the volume pot for subtle, yet effective variations, especially when the amp is set-up with some gain/overdrive – As such a setting around 6 or 7 will be an ideal place to set-up base camp – Then when you require a touch of additional gain and bite, then wind back towards 10 – As such plenty of soul and emotion is available to you and your touch – From Hank to Jimi, SRV to Gilmour then you’ll find such a Strat will have a strong appeal

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