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Let me fill you in with all the details and spec for this used, 2010, Fender Masterbuilt Dennis Galuska 67 Relic Tele :-

Playing a Masterbuilt Tele :-  In my opinion the difference between a Custom Shop model and a regular Mexican, or USA production vintage based replica, is fairly noticeable – Yet as far as a comparison goes between a Custom Shop and a Masterbuilt model goes, then yes the diminishing returns syndrome well apply – Differences are far more subtle – Yet which ever way you look at it, this 67 Masterbuilt Tele has some mighty fine attributes – Yet its finest features are not cosmetic – It is about the feel, tonal character and how it responds to you and your playing – Hard to describe such emotional issues, but instantly noticeable once you get round to playing it – The neck shape is a touch ‘fatter’ than a regular 60’s Oval C – More akin to the 65 Large C profile, with a touch of comfortable girth – The finish on the maple neck has been cut back to deliver that silky smooth, played in from day one character – Add a set of 6105 medium jumbo based frets, to ensure string bending is so much easier – Then add a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, to allow for a slick action, that will respond to a light touch and still not choke out, when you dig into those big pentatonic bends – All in all a well balanced set-up

Tonal character :-  It is a pure thoroughbred Tele, with a hand wound, Abby Ybarra, 50’s vintage Broadcaster bridge pick-up, that kicks out a hefty 9.57K, with a hand wound  Abby Ybarra Twisted Tele neck pick-up, that kicks out a softer 5.69K – The Broadcaster bridge pick-up, with aged flat pole pieces, possesses all the twang, body and throaty bite that you’d expect it to, yet delivers it in a musical way  – None of that sharp nasty shrill like clang, that you find on many more affordable Teles – It possesses plenty of balls, that makes it so special when you want to drive and  attack it, for those big chords and riffs – Sure you can tame it, for a smoother texture, with a slight roll off on the volume and or tone pot, as and when required, but play some crunch rhythm/riffs and you instantly know this is that magical vintage Tele tone – The Twisted Tele neck pick-up is a new take on the old rhythm pick-up – Effectively think of it as the Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat neck pick-up tone that is now dropped into a Tele pick-up casing – Hence warm and crisp with plenty of snap and dynamics – It certainly possesses more crisp, clear and shimmering highs than the old ‘traditional’ Tele neck pick-up – Again roll off the volume and or tone pots for more of a smooth chilled out texture – Rolling off the tone pot even further takes you into the warm moody land of Jazz – Play both pick-ups together and its that jangly pop based heaven

This Tele is loaded with character, soul and expression – Play it on clean or overdriven amp settings and you’ll discover a rich and diverse selection of voices, that are available to you, that will cover the clean based vibe of jazz and chilled out blues, to hot country, rock ‘n’ roll or rock, to a more aggressive punk based format, with a host of different of voices in between – I found it was great to play it with an overdriven amp setting, with the guitars volume pot roll back a touch for a cleaner tone – So utilise this option as your base tone, then dial in some more of the volume pot, as and when required, for additional edge, bite and overdrive – As such it’s very responsive to you and your playing – That makes it a very infectious instrument that is  loaded with character  – Maybe this can be your ultimate soul mate that is a work horse for so many playing styles – So enjoy the test drive and exploring its capabilities

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