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The whole topic of buying a new guitar, with an aged vibe, has been a strong topic of discussion for over 30 years now – Despite such a topic, the sale of Custom Shop replicas, with an aged finish, is seriously in excess of similar models that utilise a new shiny gloss finish – Yet equally Fender look to offer a limited supply of models from the golden era, that look new, or nearly new, whilst still trying to capture some of that ‘magical vintage mojo’ – The inspiration behind this new Fender Custom Shop Vintage Custom 1959 Custom Tele, is that of a rare vintage find – Imagine finding a one owner, exceptionally clean, 1959 Tele, that has been well cared for and probably barely played – So no need to offer a replica with the usual seriously aged appointments – So how about a 59 Tele, with a thin nitro 3 tone chocolate sunburst finish, with very lightly ‘oxidized’ hardware to show the merest hint of any use – Fender call it the ‘time capsule package’, so just a hint of vintage mojo/character, in order to remove that ‘sterile’ pure new vibe  – As part of a limited run, this 59 Tele has been highly spec’d from top to bottom, with correct vintage appointments, coupled with select modern features to further enhance the guitars overall performance

The late 50’s was also somewhat of a transition period for Fender – The maple fingerboard models were changing to rosewood fingerboards – The single ply 5 hole scratchplate was changing to an 8 hole 3 ply model – Brass bridge saddles were changing to steel – The chunky 50’s maple neck profile was being trimmed down, a touch – So whilst the 59 model is still meaty they are more ‘user friendly’ than the chunky baseball necks found on black guard Teles – So 59 was a transition period for Fender and such changes can be found on this 59 Tele

Feel/playability :-  There is certainly something special regarding this ’59 Large C’ neck profile – Medium depth that somehow just feels so natural and perfect in the palm of your hand – More meaty than the classic 60’s oval C profile, but certainly more ‘user friendly’ and easier to handle, than the chunky necks from the early/mid 50’s era  – The Custom Shop team have a poetic licence to retain the vintage flavour of a good old ‘un, yet equally will tweak the odd spec to enhance the playing performance – With this in mind you’ll find a compound fingerboard radius on this Tele  – It starts of at 7.25″ as per all vintage Fender models, yet gently morphs to a 9.5″ radius as you move up the fingerboard – With a set of frets that are slightly larger than vintage, yet less meaty than modern jumbo, this Tele is  set up with a slick action, that responds to a light touch – It allows for effortless string bending, so you can dig in and attack those pentatonic blues bends, yet still show of a few cascading party licks n tricks as required

Full spec and details for this Vintage Custom 1959 Custom Tele :- 

Tonal character :-  It totally captures the magical mojo of great Teles from the golden era – Snap, attack, balls, body and bite, yet chilled out as and when required – An initial unplugged test drive is always a great place to start when you first check out a Tele – I always state ‘it don’t mean  a thing if it ain’t got that ring’ – Just play one big open E chord and listen and you’ll find this Tele is vibrant, full bodied and crisp – This translates into good news when you get round to hooking it up to your amp – It is totally loaded with soul, expression and emotion with the ability to morph from chilled out jazz, to snarling punk and everything in between – On clean amp settings the neck pick-up is warm and smooth with a crisp poppy character with the tone pot left on 10, so roll it off, as you require, for those chilled out jazz tones – You’ll hear a melodic bell like chime as you try out a few tasteful licks – On clean amp settings the bridge pick-up has plenty of snap and attack, but is also loaded with depth and body, so twang and not clang – Ideal for those country pickin licks – Both pick ups on together is that classic jingly jangly tone that is ideal for 60’s pop styles

On overdriven amp settings make sure you use the Tele’s volume pot to maximise the guitars emotional content – Roll off the volume pot to around 6 or 7 , then use this as your ‘base camp’ – It still retains all the Tele goodness, but allows the overdriven amp to clean up just enough – Then as you require additional bite and boost, roll it back towards 10 – This approach will deliver those awesome crunch rhythm tones from the bridge pick-up, that a Tele is so well known for – Again delivered with body and bite – The same setting is ideal for hot country licks, the raw blues of Muddy Waters, or indeed for the catchy riffs of Indie/Brit Pop – Now drop to the melodic neck pick-up and those Robben Ford style licks sound so rich, warm and lush, with a vocal/flute character – Chords are clear with excellent articulation, so even complex jazz flavoured chords posses a bell like chime – It is the Jekyll and Hyde character of a good Tele that it can be soft or kick down a barn door – Move on to a hi-gain amp setting and again use the volume pot to dial in gain as required – With the volume rolled off  a touch, the neck pick-up almost delivers fat Les Paul moody flavoured tones, whilst the bridge pick up will snarl if you leave everything on 10, but roll the volume pot of a touch for a more in control voice that possesses a softer character – Subtle tweaks on the volume and tone pot deliver effective variations that ensure you and the guitar control the amp – As such you have a package that is full of soul, expression and emotion

When you play and  hear a good Tele you’ll instantly realise why they can sit in so many different musical environments – And why they are loaded with so much soul and character – This is everything a good Tele should be – Attack and balls to melodic and lush

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