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Normally when I post details of any used PRS Guitar onto my web site, I can rave about the beauty of a breath taking figured maple top that sit beneath a luxurious gloss finishes – Yet here we have a no frills, workmanlike, just plug in and play, used  2007 PRS Swamp Ash Special with a black sunburst gloss finish  – In PRS terms this can be deemed as the white van man’s plug in and play, highly functional guitar with no fancy trimmings or bull  – As such the Swamp Ash Special is probably one of the most under-rated guitars on the market place, with a performance and tonal versatility that is straight from the premier league – Add the legendary PRS build quality and attention to detail, that ensures a sure fire winning combination  – Note the Fender-esq influences of a swamp ash body, along with a bolt on flamed maple neck/fingerboard – Fitted with a set of the PRS 14:1 ratio locking tuners, so add the PRS modern fulcrum tremelo for a package that not only will gives you a trouble free tuning package, it also possesses a nice smooth and positive feel about it

At the heart of the tone department you’ll find a pair of PRS Swamp Ash humbuckers (based on the vintage flavoured McCarty pick-ups) that flank a Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails – All  controlled via a 5 way Strat style blade switch, as well as a push/pull coil tap option on the tone pot, which delivers single coil flavoured tones from the humbuckers – Due to the nature of a bolt on maple neck, coupled with a resonant swamp ash body, the natural tonal character of the Swamp Ash model is very much akin to that of a Fender, with a quick percussive attack and very response  – Remember that if you fit a humbucking pick-up to a Strat, it does not suddenly sound like a Les Paul, it simply sounds like a fat Strat, with increased mids and body, whilst retaining those sparkling, crisp highs – Well that is precisely what the Swamp Ash  offers you – Fat and lively Strat-esq flavoured tones  – The humbuckers sound full, rich, smooth and clear with sparkling crisp clarity on clean amp settings – Introduce some gain onto your amp and the Swamp Ash enters the classic rock camp, to deliver fat smooth voices that whailllll and sing – Maybe I can sum it up by saying the overall tone is fatter than a Strat, but with far more clarity, articulation, snap and attack than you’ll find on a Les Paul, so maybe the best of both worlds  – The warm tone from the humbuckers alone are more than worth the price of the Swamp Ash Special, yet more is to come – So far I have only discussed the humbucking voices that are controlled via the 5 way blade switch, hence position 1, 3 and 5 – Like a Strat, position 2 and 4, deliver those infectious quack flavoured voices – Now lift up the push/pull knob on the tone pot, which allows the humbucking voices to morph into single coil territory – From that point of view, if your playing is a mixture of styles, whereby you need to go from vintage classic Strat tones, through to more modern rock tones, yet you still wish to use just the one instrument, then the Swamp Ash has to be a guitar you should give a serious test drive to

Condition – This is a used model dating back to 2007, yet the black sunburst finish shows only light signs of use – One small nick on the rim, near the volume pot, is the only negative blemish to the gloss finish – Maybe it has slightly mellowed, so with the usual tarnishing to the nickel hardware, it has acquired some natural ‘played in’ character, but essentially this is  a clean instrument – Any other light signs of a graze that you might discover, under close scrutiny, are just superficial grazes to the top surface of the gloss finish  – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10’s and a fluid easy playing action – Complete with the deluxe PRS case and tag – Note that this Swamp Ash features a lightly figured maple neck/fingerboard, which is an upgrade on the regular model – Finally for the weight watchers, how about 7lbs and 9oz, so very much in line with a good Strat or Tele, be it vintage or Custom Shop

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