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The annual NAMM Show in LA, allows guitar builders to launch a host of new models – Yet for the Fender Custom Shop team, it is more a case of releasing a run of highly spec’d Limited Edition models,  from their 50’s and 60’s golden era  – Few of us have access to an original 1962 Strat, but thankfully the guys at the Fender Custom Shop facility pay tribute to guitars from the golden era – Coupled with a few modern features that are designed to enhance the playing performance, this Strat captures the mystical magic of a good old ‘un – So let me introduce you to a Fender Custom Shop  NAMM Limited Edition 62  Heavy Relic Strat, with a seriously aged 3 tone sunburst finish  – Nostalgia will always ensure we’ll find something of interest in an old original model, but your hands, ears and indeed your wallet, will appreciate all the attributes that this Custom Shop Strat possesses – This Strat is seriously loaded with options from the Custom Shop ala carte menu, including  a select ash body, along with a set of hand wound pick-ups, with formvar windings and alnico V magnets  – A limited edition engraved neck plate + a similar decal on the rear of the headstock indicate the special nature of this Strat

No excuses for a seriously aged burst finish – I know some don’t like the aged approach, but here we have a classic finish, that looks like it has earned its fair keep in many juke box joints across the country – The aged vibe continues with the ‘dirty/worn’ maple neck so that it feels played in from day – The thin nitro finish sits on an ash body and played unplugged you can quickly hear and feel, that it delivers a vibrant acoustic voice – All the vintage spec’d hardware is aged accordingly, including the nitro 3 ply scratchplate, control knobs, pick-up covers and magnets – So don’t worry about playing this Strat and giving it the kids glove treatment

Playing performance :- A maple neck supports a AAA grade, slab rosewood fingerboard that possesses a dark and even grained character – Note a set of clay dot inlays on the fingerboard, along with clay side dots along the edge of the fingerboard- The neck is spec’d with the popular 60’s vintage Oval C profile  – It starts of at .815″ at the top nut end, then gently fattens out to .936″ around the 12th fret – This is a classic profile that has proved popular and indeed become the bench mark throughout the guitar world – Not to fat or thin, with just enough girth to enrich the tone, yet feel comfortable and easy to handle – The thin, dark tint, nitro finish has been cut back to capture that desirable  ‘played in’ from day one character – To enrich the classic vintage feel, you’ll find modern appointments include a 9.5″ fingerboard radius along with a set of chunky Sanko 6105 frets, both of which allow for a slick action and effortless string bending with no choking out – Some may prefer a slinky set-up that only requires a light touch to burn up and down the fingerboard and show of a few chosen licks- Some may prefer more of a sensible medium action that allows you to dig in to those big blues bends – Of course I can adjust the set-up to suit your own taste – Either way the modern features deliver a user friendly playing performance yet it still retains the feel of a good old ‘un

Tonal character :- With a hand select ash body, this Strat comes in at only 7lbs and 4oz and played unplugged you’ll instantly hear it possesses a natural vibrant and lively character – As mentioned earlier, the pick-ups are hand wound and controlled via the 5 way switch – Note a RWRP middle pick-up – As an overview this Strat is succulent and smooth, when you stroke the strings, yet no shortage of snap and attack when you want to dig in a bit – The neck pick-up is oh so sweet, musically rich, lush and smooth, coupled with clear shimmering highs to give you a lovely degree of clarity that has obvious comparisons to the SRV tone, with transparent mids – Strat bridge pick-ups can sometimes be a touch weak and thin sounding, but here we have a pick-up that possesses enough depth, body, bite and balls, without that shrill like ice pick attack – On clean settings it’s crisp and clear with good body and depth – On overdriven amp settings this transfers into a musical warm bite that works well on both riffs, driving Texas shuffle rhythms and lead work – The fact that you now have a tone pot working on the bridge pick-up, ensures that if required, you can roll off the highs just a touch until you discover that magical sweet spot – Both ‘out of phase’ tones are excellent with a good ‘quack’ about them that is so infectious, coupled with a level of smoothness and body that is rare to find – More warm/rich on the neck/middle combination and more bell or glass like clarity on the middle/bridge combination

Now on the amp, add either more subtle gain for a blues vibe, or indeed more gain to take you into classic rock/blues territory – Then for your base tone leave the Strat’s volume pot around the 6 or 7 mark – At this point the guitar still retains its full expressive qualities and vintage character, but now you and the guitar are in full control the amp – At this stage you’ll find more of a chilled out character with less gain, so now, just like a good singer wanting to deliver a touch extra, wind the volume pot back towards 10 for more bite, attack and gain – Hence more emotional control, soul and expression directly at your finger tips – For blues based players you’ll hear that percussive snap and attack for SRV style shuffle patterns, walking bass lines and chord stabs with a succulent musical richness in the neck position – Whilst the bridge position has enough in it to kick dirt, yet equally it can be tamed for a softer approach  – I played around with different gain settings to see how it would respond and whatever you threw at it, it was not short of soul, emotion and expression – Less gain on the amp, but add an overdrive pedal, with the guitar volume pot on 10, or 6/7 – Likewise a hi-gain amp with the Strat volume roll off – All approaches delivered variations of gain and sustain, yet all effective in different ways – The finer nuances off the tone and gain are there for you to explore but the key factors is the guitar is responsive to you, the amp and how you play it – Not all Strats are this good, so if you are in the market for an aged Strat with a killer tone, then maybe the hunt is over

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