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I love this quote that I borrowed from the Collings Guitars web site  ‘There are lots of products created with no greater aspiration than to be sold to a consumer, but as consumers of expensive musical instruments, many of us value the subtle signs that tell us the builder cared more than he had to – that careful thought, superior materials and skilled hands have all contrived to create an instrument that transcends the ordinary and defines the extraordinary – This is the best reason, in our opinion, to consider buying a superior instrument like this Collings i35LC in the first place – If you simply need a guitar, you can buy one that is reasonably playable and creates a reasonably good sound these days for under £200, but you won’t be buying an instrument that has been artfully crafted from the best materials, or one that is capable of producing an extraordinary playing experience and tone

Before I go into any product details, please click here to visit the Collings i35LC web site page – Excellent information and well worth reading – Click here to view a few video clips of the i35LC in action (host of video options here so select different pages 1-5 on the menu bar) – Also click here to read a copy of a review of the i35LC in Guitarist Magazine

Collings i35LC blonde spec :-

Aesthetics and Tribute :-  There is no mistaking the influence behind the Collings i35LC, so as against trying to re-invent the wheel, the Collings approach is to simply add a few very effective yet subtle tweaks, select the finest ingredients, coupled with impeccable workmanship and attention to detail, to ensure the i35LC delivers the ultimate playing experience – The Collings method is to build one guitar at a time, hence all woods, pots, capacitors and pick-ups are hand picked to ensure that all components work in harmony – Appraise the i35LC, then you’ll fully appreciate that the knowledge, evaluation, and attention to detail that Collings possesses pays dividends in the end – The i35LC utilises a laminate maple approach for the body, in the same manner as a Gibson ES335, albeit with a  slightly smaller body, at 15″ width, on the lower bout – The Collings i35LC is not a ‘Plain Jane’ guitar, yet its simplicity is its appeal, with a subtle figured maple body to add a touch of character – Less is more approach

Now onto the tonal character :-  First of all I need to point out that the i35LC is more than happy to be played with its controls wide open on 10, or with the pots ‘rolled off’ – Played with the pots ‘rolled off’ does not harm the guitars expressive character one little bit, but it does deliver a softer voice, that is silky and smooth, yet still retains its excellent articulation – So for chilled out jazz and blues based players, or rock players wanting a more subtle option, then the  ‘rolled off’ approach is the best route, with the volume pot around 6 or 7 – Trim the tone pot as required, with levels below five delivering some ‘woody’ jazz tones, that are dark without sounding mushy – For silky licks and seductive blues/jazz chords this approach works so well and delivers all the tone, emotion and soul that you’ll ever need – The neck pick-up is fat, smooth and warm with incredible string separation, plus full, tight and clear lows, plus soft sparkling highs – The bridge pick-up has enough bite to cut and add plenty of attack, coupled with enough mids to add body, with again enough bass to add depth – One of the best options is to leave the selector switch in the middle position, then just fade in/out the 2 volume controls as required to offer subtle, yet effective tonal variations  – From the fat blues tones of BB or Freddie King, to the slick and silky tones of Larry Carlton and Robben Ford, this a 335 semi based guitar at its absolute best – All this time I’ve still talked about the i35LC with the pots ‘rolled off’, so now let’s take them back up to 10, to give you that wide open boost option, that many rock players may require – Plenty of attack and dynamics but still so musically warm – Very open tone, so even with hi-gain amp settings, you can still hear the guitars tonal qualities and expression – No shortage of natural sustain, so when hooked up to your amp it will wailllllll as long as required – Overall the i35LC is a very infectious guitar, that is loaded with soul, character and expression and they are indeed great assets to be found in such a wonderful instrument

A large portion of the overall tone comes from the wood and in particular the neck – Fat neck, fat tone, thin neck thin tone, so like many fine 335 based instruments, the Collings i35LC has a medium to full  neck profile, with a flavour taken from the late 50’s Gibson golden era – Hence enough girth to enrich the tone, sustain and stability, but not to the point that it impedes the playing experience – The Collings may not exactly play itself, but you try and put it down and stop playing it – So what is it like playing a set of 11’s ? – Most guitar players choose to play a guitar that is set-up with a set of 9 or 10’s, me included. so the thought of playing a set of 11’s may well put the fear of God into many players – Of course I’m more than happy to supply the City Limits with a set of 10’s, along with an appropriate check-up/set-up, but I do suggest you try it first with a set of 11’s – I believe that many guitarist will play the i35LC and believe they are playing a guitar that is actually set-up with 10’s – Granted you may find string bending a touch slow and/or stiff at first, but I think a short time of playing the i35LC with a Collings set-up and a set of 11’s, then you will be pleasantly surprised – The extra tension from the 11’s sure makes the neck vibrate and acoustically you can hear that this adds a depth of tone to this guitar

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