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A used Musicman Axis Floyd Rose has just arrived into stock – Possesses a G61759 serial number, on a 5 neck plate, that indicates a 2012 date of birth – Includes the correct oblong fibre Musicman case – Many will already know that a black finish appears to show up any light grazes, far more easily than any other finish – This Axis is just about ding free, so effectively you’ll only find light, superficial grazes to the top surface of the finish – Most are so light they are not picked up by the camera – I dare say the ‘worse’ of such light surface grazes, are to be found on the top E string side, so mainly from pick wear – Clean frets – The usual light signs of ‘dirty dish cloth’ wear to the maple neck/fingerboard – Just the nature of the gun stock oil/wax blend finish, as it absorbs the oils from your fingertips  – So always looks worse than it is and can’t be cleaned up as such

For additional info, including a couple of video clips, then click here to visit the Musicman Axis web site page – The Musicman Axis Floyd Rose was previously known as the EVH signature model, after Eddie helped to develop the guitar in the 1990’s – At the time it was seen as one of the finest rock guitars on the market place, with clean original samples now selling for around £3000  – Eddie has since moved on (again and again), yet the Axis Floyd Rose is still effectively the same guitar as the original EVH model and that still includes those special custom wound and voiced DiMarzio humbuckers – neck measures 14.15K and bridge 16.7K  – Spec wise the guitar is a bass wood body, with an opaque black finish, so more workman like and less flashy than other models with a figured maple top – Weight conscious players will adore the fact that it clocks in at 7lbs and 10oz on our scales – Lightly figured flamed maple neck and fingerboard – Fender-esq 25.5″ scale length + 10″ fingerboard radius + modern medium size frets (tall with medium width) – Chrome hardware including the Schaller tuners, with stylish pearl  buttons, along with the Floyd Rose locking trem system, that incorporates the Drop D option – The trem is set up as per the factory spec and EVH’s preference, so flat against the body, for down pitch only – I can adjust this as required, but if you utilise the Drop D option, then I suggest you leave as is – As you’d expect, the neck/fingerboard allows for a fast fluid playing action so if you are into guitar gymnastics then this may well be your guitar – As with many Musicman guitars the neck possesses that played in from day one feel, thanks to the special wax blend and gun stock oil that is rubbed into the maple neck – It feels slick and silky smooth, so no drag – The D profile is almost unique to the Axis models – Comfortable depth, so not fat, but just feels so comfortable and easy to handle – Again, as per the factory spec, it is strung up with a new set of 9’s, but again I can edit as required

The bridge pick-up can cut it and mix it with the best of them, with plenty of  bite and sustain – Full bodied with a tight clear bass,  just enough mids, excellent articulation and  will scream to the hilt as required – Furthermore pinched harmonics simply roll off the production line with this pick-up – Remember, these are the original pick-ups that EVH himself originally chose for this model – Custom wound by Dimarzio, exclusively for this guitar and are not available on any other Musicman model, or indeed sold separately by DiMarzio themselves – The neck pick-up may well surprise many of you – Maybe as you’d expect, for overdriven rock solos, it is creamy and smooth, but many will be surprised at how lush it sounds on clean amp settings, so much so that chilled out jazz/blues licks are a pleasure to hear – The taper of the volume pot really works, so the emotion, expression and overdrive/gain level that you require, can be controlled directly from the guitar – This approach will allow overdriven amp settings to be cleaned up, to a more subtle or even clean level, as required – In a tongue in cheek style, EVH originally christened the volume pot a tone pot, as it allowed him to obtain so many different voices from the guitar – Set the amp up and leave it alone, then just play the guitar and dial in the volume pot as required, for different textures and overdrive levels – Yes it appears to be a rock guitar, yes it appears to be simple, but it will do more than just  EVH style gigs

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