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The original Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway arrived in the late 50’s, with the release of the P90 equipped Junior and Special models, but soon dissapeared – Such a shape was part of the early prototype models for PRS and formed the backbone for the original Hamer Sunburst models and later the Hamer Studio Custom – Yet as far as Gibson goes, the double cutaway format was largely ignored for many years, until around 1998, when we first saw the introduction of the Gibson Les Paul Standard DC – Some will argue it was launched as competition to the PRS Custom, certainly since the Gibson model was spec’d with 24 frets, plus some ‘funky and cool’ colours that you would not associate with Gibson – Since then Gibson have discontinued and released it in various formats, including Studio and Satin versions – As it happens the original model was released in 1998 and discontinued only two years later in 2000 – Yet it was back with us in the same format in 2001, so this 2002 model is part of the second re-released run – In no particular order then let me update you with a host of details :-

Playing performance + tonal character – It would be easy to say a Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul – We know there are many variations within this format – Some more subtle than others – I’d be more inclined to say this LP Standard has more of a 335 character about it, with far less muscle in the mid range – You’ll find a greater level of articulation on this LP, than you’ll find on a traditional single cut LP Standard – It is not thin sounding, as the glue on mahogany body/neck format, coupled with a pair of humbuckers, naturally leans towards a fat bodied voice, so maybe it has some of the tonal character you’d find on a PRS Custom – Plenty of soul to keep you hooked when played through a clean amp setting, for chilled out jazz/blues passages, or indeed for funky rhythm chops – Add a subtle BB King level of gain and use the volume pot to dial in the level of gain you require, with 5-8 offering a more chilled out variations – So no shortage of soul and expression available to you, as and when required  – Hook it up to the hi-gain amp channel and it sings – Smooth and lush on the neck pick-up with more bite on the bridge pick-up – Power chords are tight and articulate – Again utilise the volume pot, for subtle yet effective variations in the gain level, to deliver a useable level of expression, which is particularly noticeable on lead licks and melodic blues phrases

To many it is not a traditional LP, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a good guitar as it is a mighty fine instrument – Maybe the tonal character is more Larry Carlton and less Gary Moore – So for any prospective buyer who wants an LP with less meat on it, regarding weight, coupled with far more articulation then the LP Standard DC is well worth checking out

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