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I’ll say one thing for Fano Guitars, they have certainly come up with something that is cool and interesting – As they like to quote on their own web site ‘Fano Guitars combine vintage style and swagger, with modern playability and consistency, to make truly unique and inspiring instruments – Each instrument is crafted, one at a time, in the USA,  with no assembly line in sight , so build + attention to detail is over seen by one builder – As such there is not a shed load of new Fano Guitars on the market place – That makes it harder to find a selection of used models – As such I’m happy to be able to offer for sale this used, 2012, Fano Alt De Facto MG6, with a super cool ‘aged sonic blue’ finish, that has been distressed to capture years of use – So in no particular order let me update you with a host of spec and features :-

Feel and playability :- Like many Custom Shop Fenders, Fano have captured the feel of a good old ‘un, but have added ‘modern tweaks’ to enrich the playability – Many like the feel of an early 60’s neck, so why change it – Fano have aged the finish so it feels ‘played in’ from day one – So none of that new sticky feel – To compliment the old school feel of the neck, Fano have spec’d the MG6 with a 7.25″ to 9.5″ fingerboard radius and added 22 frets that are more chunky than vintage – This allows for a more well balanced fluid playing action, throughout the length of the 22 fret fingerboard – It also allows for easy string bending without any choking out with a sensible fluid action  – It is currently tuned to E with a set of 10-46 gauge strings, but I know many who buy such guitars like to utilise drop tunings and heavier gauge strings, so I can adjust as required – With that in mind I’ve set the trem flat to the belly, so drop the low E to D and all other strings will still retain their existing pitch – Yet only a touch of pressure on the trem arm is required for the trem to drop pitch, so it is still nice and sensative

Tonal character :-  Bit of a mixed one – The nature of a bolt on maple neck always suggests snap and attack, coupled with an expressive dynamic response – Yet a pair of humbuckers always suggest more muscle than single coil pick-ups, with more depth – This package has plenty of sonic versatility – Start with cool retro style clean sounds and even add some gain for surf inspired riffs and licks and it is instantly fun – It offers something different to a Strat or Tele – Staying on clean amp setting, or with less gain and you can even drop into the chilled out lounge, for jazz/blues inspired licks and chords  – Try J Marr Brit pop style licks and jangly chords and the MG6 is instantly at home – Each string of each chord can clearly be heard on overdriven amp settings – Tight and powerful, yet clear and jangly – More deep and warm on the neck pick-up with more bite and aggression on the bridge pick-up – For such styles, ensure you play around with the volume and tone pots – Subtle tweaks are effective and allow you to clean up an overdriven amp setting, to enable you to control the amp, without losing any of the guitars goodness – The same approach works on a hi-gain amp setting – With the guitar pots on 10, you’ll obtain the full on approach that moves you towards the red line – Yet a subtle tweak on the volume pot ensures everything is now more  controlled – The overall tone is big, yet equally clear, crisp and tight – For some, such a guitar might be the only one you’ll need, to handle your playing style – Yet for others it is fun and brings something different different to the table, that you’ll not acquire from most traditional based models

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