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A highly desirable and original PRS Modern Eagle Singlecut from 2007, with a yellow tiger nitro satin finish, is now offered for sale at Guitars4You – Yes it is used and yes it is now around 11 years old – Yet you’ll have to search long and hard to find any hint of a graze or blemish – If it is not in 10 out of 10 as new condition, then it is pretty close to achieving that tag – Maybe  a hint of tarnish/oxidization to the gold/nickel blend hardware might be visible, but it is minimal – Complete with the deluxe suede case, which is also clean , as well as the appropriate Eagle swing tag – It has been on my bench for a check-up and set-up, so it is already to go with a new set of 10’s and the slick playing action that PRS are renowned for – They say a picture paints a thousand words – If that is true then there is very little I need to add – Sure the aesthetic qualities of the highly figured maple top speaks for itself, but the playing performance and tonal character can more than match its sublime appearance

For over 30 years now, PRS have sold many mighty fine instruments – In doing so they have certainly help to establish the high grade of craftsmanship and sublime quality that we now  take for granted on many premium grade guitars that are offered for sale today – Yet as time goes on, we may look back and realise that certain periods of time will be classed as the PRS golden era – In my opinion, for three glorious years, from 2004 until 2007 is such a period, when PRS introduced the original Modern Eagle with a rosewood fingerboard and neck – If you are looking for a PRS Guitar that captures beauty, then blends it with a sublime playing performance, to deliver a vintage flavoured tonal character that is loaded with soul, expression and emotion, then the PRS Modern Eagle has very little competition – Vintage buffs like Bernie Marsden have been admirers of the Modern Eagle for many years now and can be seen playing his ME for live work on many occasions – It might not be a firm favourite for metal based fans, but if you have a passion for vintage flavoured tones, then in my opinion represents a PRS Guitar at its absolute best – It has an abundance of soul, expression and emotion built into it

Around 5 years ago now, PRS commissioned  a limited run of the original Modern Eagle, that still utilised a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and neck, yet due to CITES regulations, they were only available to buy within the USA, with a price tag approaching $7000 – That would easily equate to around £7000 today in the UK, with import tax, vat and shipping added as appropriate – In my view,  used Modern Eagle Guitars are currently under priced, so whilst  £3899 is still a lot of money, in 10, 20 or 30 years time, I’m sure you’ll discover what a great investment it will have been, especially when you consider what a master piece you own – Taking that all into account, then £3899 can be seen as outstanding value

As well as a rosewood fingerboard and neck, the PRS Modern Eagle utilises select South American mahogany for the body and whilst prices for raw materials have risen significantly over the last few years, supply is now also restricted and I dare say it won’t be long before such mahogany is also banned on new guitars courtesy of CITES – Such issues will certainly influence the price of used guitars over the coming years, as these ‘tone woods’ have a mighty influence on the guitars tonal character – If you don’t buy into the theory of ‘tone wood’, then look at an orchestral marimba, or even a glockenspiel, which at its most simplistic form, is just a chunk of wood that you hit, with a mallet, to produce a note – So why do they prefer to use the same tone woods we utilise and lust after on a guitar – TONE AND RESONANCE – It ain’t no BS, or fancy scientific theory, it is just a simple case of music to your ears – And yes due to CITES, manufactures of these orchestral products are having to look elsewhere for other tone woods

Without moving into the range of Private Stock models, in my view, the Modern Eagle represents the finest guitar that PRS have built – Period, fact and no discussion about it – It offers perfection, with an abundance of soul, passion and beauty, all built into one sublime package – The rosewood fingerboard is lavished with a set of rippled abalone bird inlays, whilst the rosewood headstock facia is also adorned with a rippled abalone eagle inlay – Throughout the guitar, the hardware is a hybrid blend of satin nickel and polished gold, including the modern fulcrum trem assembly, the PRS 14:1 ratio low mass locking tuners, along with a pair of custom wound PRS RP pick-ups that pay homage to vintage flavoured humbuckers – But before we go onto the sound, let’s just spend a few minutes looking at that highly figured  maple top, with a thin satin nitro-cellulose finish – As PRS himself quotes ” There is a tremendous amount of time taken in the finishing of our guitars, I wanted them to ring, so I asked if we could finish them with nitro, sand them down, wax them and kiss ‘me off’ – It looks pretty good and well worth the 2 days it takes to complete to perfection – The back and sides of the body also receive a natural thin satin nitro finish, whilst the rosewood neck/fingerboard is just left in its natural format, so it instantly possesses that luxurious played in feel

Tonal Character :- The custom wound pick-ups are vintage flavoured and kick out 7.92K for the neck pick-up, whilst a slightly hotter reading of 8.85K can be found for the bridge pick-up – The neck pick-up is brimming with fat, warm and smooth tones, that are very much vintage flavoured, with an extra ounce of articulation, so never at any point do they sound stodgy – The bridge pick-up is wound with a few additional windings, to deliver an extra touch of bite and sustain, which I’m sure you’ll require as you rip into some solos passages, but not at the expense of loosing any tone, hence it hangs on to all its natural dynamics, soul and emotion – Push it to 10 and it whaillllllllllls – Playing this instrument through a good amp for a few minutes, you quickly realise that you have probably never had so much musical tone and emotion handed to you on a plate – Back off on the volume pot and you still retain the same expressive quality of tone, allowing you to clean up an ‘overdriven’ amp setting, so that you are totally in control of all the emotion that you require – If that is not enough then lift the tone pot up, to allow you to delve in to the world of funky single coil tones, hence some excellent Strat flavoured voices – Maybe not ‘Little Wing’ at its absolute finest, but nevertheless, very good, very useful and certainly better than many budget, lower/mid priced Strats – This truly is a guitar players guitar  and will give pleasure and pride to any owner/collector/player for many years to come – Yes I do own one, have done so for many years and I very much doubt it will ever be offered for sale whilst I’m alive and can play it

Additional info :- Whole guitar weighs 9lbs and 9oz – The very comfortable wide/fat neck profile measures .843″ around the top nut end and fills out to .929″ around the 12th fret – So a comfortable amount of girth to it, yet in reality, despite the words  ‘wide/fat’ it comes in slightly slimmer than many Gibson LP models, especially the vintage R7, R9 and R9 models

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